The Ages of 200 Rock Stars

Do you know the ages of rock stars you listen to? Well, here you have them: the ages of top rock stars listed by fame and notability. While it may seem like a nominal piece of information, it's always fun finding out the age of your favorite musicians. You may learn they're much older than you thought or, better yet, they may be younger and still touring! While age is simply a number when it comes to music, as both young and old artists are out there doing their thing, old age can have quite the effect on a singer's voice or their ability to play an instrument. Considering this, you'll find old and retired musicians from some of the best rock bands ever, as well as more recent faces of music still jamming in the studio and touring the world.  

Featuring both famous old rock stars and popular young musicians, the list of rock stars and their ages below encompasses some serious talent from over the years. While there are plenty of famous rock stars over 60 (and even older), these aging rockers aren't the only ones with notoriety. Sure, Mick Jagger may be one of the most famous frontmen of rock, but then you have singers like Axl Rose who's nearly 20 years younger and very well known. Whether you're looking for how old aged rock stars are or that of more youthful singers from today's top modern rock bands, like Jared Leto and Mark Hoppus, you'll likely find them here. 

Though there's a long list of famous rock stars and singers throughout music, this ages of rock stars list features the most popular musicians of the '60s, '70s, '80s and more, ordered loosely by fame and age. So, how old are your favorite musicians? Read on below to find out. 

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