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Heavyset Comic Book Characters That Are Surprisingly Nimble

3 Mar 2020 12.1k views12 items

Comic book superheroes are generally drawn to be perfect human specimens, with figures that even supermodels would envy. But what about those thick superheroes and supervillains? The ones a bit on the bulkier side that aren't the picture of unattainable beauty? Just because a character is a bit heftier than the average comic book character doesn't mean they can't keep up with their opponents in a brawl. In fact, adversaries would do well to avoid dismissing these characters as overweight, lumbering brutes as these agile fat superheroes can be quite surprising.

Whether it's a non-powered human like Wilson Fisk's Kingpin, who is a deceptively skilled and agile fighter, or someone more akin to the Legion of Super-Heroes' Bouncing Boy, whose whole shtick is springing his rotund figure around the battlefield like a pinball, underestimate these comic book characters at your own peril. 

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