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Heavyset Comic Book Characters That Are Surprisingly Nimble

March 3, 2020 12.5k views12 items

Comic book superheroes are generally drawn to be perfect human specimens, with figures that even supermodels would envy. But what about those thick superheroes and supervillains? The ones a bit on the bulkier side that aren't the picture of unattainable beauty? Just because a character is a bit heftier than the average comic book character doesn't mean they can't keep up with their opponents in a brawl. In fact, adversaries would do well to avoid dismissing these characters as overweight, lumbering brutes as these agile fat superheroes can be quite surprising.

Whether it's a non-powered human like Wilson Fisk's Kingpin, who is a deceptively skilled and agile fighter, or someone more akin to the Legion of Super-Heroes' Bouncing Boy, whose whole shtick is springing his rotund figure around the battlefield like a pinball, underestimate these comic book characters at your own peril. 

  • Hulk
    Photo: The Incredible Hulks #615 / Marvel Comics

    The Hulk does one thing better than anyone else on the planet: smash. If you're a baddie, you certainly don't want to cross Bruce Banner and end up dealing with the not-so-jolly green giant. The man does have breathtaking rage issues, after all.

    According to Marvel's official webpage for the character, Banner's Hulk weighs a whopping 1,150 pounds when the gamma-irradiated monster comes out to play. That is a lot of weight to be lugging around in an anger-induced stupor, but the Hulk doesn't appear to notice. 

  • Juggernaut
    Photo: Uncanny Avengers #29 / Marvel Comics

    Unfortunate big-screen portrayals aside, the Juggernaut has been a mainstay in Marvel Comics since his debut in 1965's X-Men #12. According to Marvel's offical webpage of the character, Cain Marko - the stepbrother of Charles Xavier - weighs an eye-popping 1,900 pounds. How the ground doesn't crumble beneath his feet with every step, we'll never know.

    Powered by the mystical Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Marko has no trouble moving all that weight around. On the 1-7 grading scale Marvel judges all of its characters by, Marko rates a maxed-out 7 in both strength and durability. More incredibly, he registers a 4 on the speed scale, which means he has above-average speed even at his weight.

  • Clayface
    Photo: Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3 / DC Comics

    As far as traditional human body shape goes, DC's Clayface doesn't exactly fit the bill. Due to DC's frequent continuity reboots, the Batman villain's origin changes depending on what series you're reading but, generally speaking, Basil Karlo was an up-and-coming actor who was granted the power of having a malleable body shape, much like sculpting clay. Due to this power, Karlo has a tenuous grasp on his humanity and turns to a life of lawlessness where he runs afoul of the Dark Knight. 

    Being introduced in 1940's Detective Comics #40, Clayface certainly has had many appearances over the years in multiple Batman-related comic books. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the hulking mass of clay would be a bit lead of foot, but the ability to morph his body into any shape gives him a lot more agility than you'd originally think. 

  • Kingpin
    Photo: Civil War II: Kingpin #1 / Marvel Comics

    Wilson Fisk, AKA notorious Marvel supervillain Kingpin, is quite the hefty man. Marvel's official webpage for Fisk describes him as "wide-bellied" and lists him at a gargantuan 450 pounds. He's a non-powered human being who is inching ever more closely into the deathly obese category, so you'd be forgiven for thinking this man couldn't hold his own in a fight, but you'd be quite wrong.

    In the 50+ years since his introduction in 1967's Amazing Spider-Man #50, Fisk has managed to go toe-to-toe in conflicts with superhumans like Daredevil, Spider-Man, and others. The Kingpin is undoubtedly strong, but none of that would matter if he couldn't keep up with the people whom he is fighting.