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13 Facts About Ahmad Suradji, The Shaman Serial Killer With A Kill Goal

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Serial killers aren't solely an American phenomenon. There are plenty of serial killers in other countries, such as Ahmad Suradji, an Indonesian murderer. Suradji, also known as the Black Magic Killer, had a bizarre modus operandi and an insane motivation. He killed his victims in order to gain more spiritual power, as he believed he was a shaman. He was a ritual murderer and he had a very specific pattern to his kills. He believed that this ritual killing would enhance his abilities. This led to the creation of his aforementioned serial killer nickname

Suradji was born in 1949, and started his killing spree nearly 40 years later, in 1986. Over the next 11 years, he killed upward of 40 women. He was executed by the Indonesian government in 2008.  

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    He Claimed To Be A Shaman

    Ahmad Suradji claimed to be a type of spiritual healer called a "dutak." Technically, the Indonesian government only recognizes six different religions (including Islam and Christianity), but some people who live there also believe in magic and various healing practices. Suradji was a shaman who, people believed, could make women more beautiful and help them get rich or find a faithful boyfriend, thanks to his "magical powers.

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    His Father's Ghost Instructed Him To Kill 70 Women, But He Only Made It To 42

    Ahmad Suradji started his killing spree in 1986, after his father came to him in a dream with an important message. If Suradji killed 70 women, he would become even more powerful and be able to perform stronger acts of magic. He would also become a mystical healer.

    However, Suradji failed at his goal, and "only" killed 42 victims. However, there might be others women still unaccounted for. After his capture, local police put word out, asking people to come forward with the names of women missing in the area. This added an additional 80 people to his list of possible victims. 

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    He Didn't Have To Seek Out His Victims - They Came To Him

    Because of his shamanic powers, Ahmad Suradji rarely had to go out and find victims. Most of them came to him for help improving their lives. Word spread around his village – and nearby villages – of his healing powers, so women came from all over the place to receive his help. 

    As a part of his magical healing ritual (which, they quickly found out, was solely for his own benefit), his victims helped him by digging their own graves. He then covered the women waist-deep in dirt as part of his "cure," and then strangled them to death once they were immobilized. When Suradji went through a dry spell and didn't have any "clients" come to him, he reportedly went out and picked up prostitutes to kill in order to fulfill his quota. 

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    He Drank His Victims' Saliva

    Many serial killers do unsettling, ritualistic things with their victims. Ahmad Suradji's preferred methods were downright bizarre. He believed that his victims' saliva improved his shamanic powers, so he drank it after strangling them to death.

    He wasn't very specific about how he drank it. Did he somehow manage to get it into a cup? Did he drink it straight from their mouths? Either way, he performed this strange ritual on every woman he killed.