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13 Facts About Ahmad Suradji, The Shaman Serial Killer With A Kill Goal

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Serial killers aren't solely an American phenomenon. There are plenty of serial killers in other countries, such as Ahmad Suradji, an Indonesian murderer. Suradji, also known as the Black Magic Killer, had a bizarre modus operandi and an insane motivation. He killed his victims in order to gain more spiritual power, as he believed he was a shaman. He was a ritual murderer and he had a very specific pattern to his kills. He believed that this ritual killing would enhance his abilities. This led to the creation of his aforementioned serial killer nickname

Suradji was born in 1949, and started his killing spree nearly 40 years later, in 1986. Over the next 11 years, he killed upward of 40 women. He was executed by the Indonesian government in 2008.  

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    He Buried His Victims Facing His House, Believing It Gave Him Extra Power

    After Ahmad Suradji killed his victims and drank their saliva, he buried them in a sugarcane field near his house. While they were still alive, he placed them in the ground feet first, up to their waists. After he strangled them to death, he stripped them naked, and then buried the rest of their bodies with their heads pointed towards his house, thinking the placement would further enhance his magical powers. 

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    He Was Caught When Neighbors Found A Dead Body In A Nearby Field

    Ahmad Suradji's killing spree lasted from 1986 until 1997, when he was finally captured. It's possible he could have continued his sinister work, had the body of one his victims not been discovered in a local sugarcane field.

    After the police identified her and local residents realized she was last seen alive on her way to Suradji for a shamanic ritual, officials searched his house. Inside, authorities found the woman's belongings, as well as those of several other missing women. 

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    He Was Executed By Firing Squad

    10 years after his capture and trial in 2008, Ahmad Suradji was executed in his home country of Indonesia by firing squad. Before he died, he gave one last interview, in which he stated, "The black magic came from God. I don't have it anymore, I have repented. I hope I have a chance to live."

    Suradji was one of 10 people executed that year. Indonesia enforces the death penalty for everything from terrorism to possession of narcotics. Mass murder, of course, is punished with extreme prejudice. 

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    He Gave Religious Advice To His Fellow Prisoners

    After entering prison, Ahmad Suradji stopped trying to be a shaman. He converted to Islam, and became very devout. In fact, he started giving religious advice to his fellow prisoners. Apparently, he was also very popular. His infamy as a serial killer led to a kind of celebrity status while he was incarcerated.