Travel These Odd Airplane Facts Are The Flight Attendants Best Kept Secrets  

Mick Jacobs

Much of the fear and aversion most people feel towards flying likely stems from all the weird rules and stipulations that come with air travel. As the video below lays out, there are all sorts of aspects of air travel you've never before considered when boarding your plane.

Naturally, getting an aluminum tube chock full of luggage and human bodies requires a great deal of effort and adherence to protocol. Because of this, some parts of flying get tucked under the rug so as to not disrupt or agitate passengers who are already volatile from their airport ordeals.

But just delving into the whole procedure reveals a multitude of bizarre regulations and rules that fly, pardon the pun, just under the radar. One of these regulations would definitely screw with many people if they were widely known.

Even still, these strange airline rules and procedures are enacted every single day to help transport thousands of people across the country and the globe. Find out how they all play together by watching the video.