17 Horrifying AirBNB Stories

For most of us, the thought of letting complete strangers stay in our homes is uncomfortable at best and terrifying at worst. But for some of these people with AirBNB horror stories, the thought of doing so will probably never cross their minds again.

As you most likely know, AirBNB is a rental-sharing website where people can find places to stay while traveling in over 190 countries. Used by over 17 million people throughout the world, AirBNB aims to create a safe and affordable means for housing travelers, and now has a "Trust and Safety Team" who helps users screen guests before letting them into their homes. 

However, even with these safety procedures and precautions in place, there have been a number of bad AirBNB experiences people have had to deal with. Below are just a few. Which do you think are the most terrifying?

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  • The Corpse in the Garden

    A group of friends rented an AirBNB in the countryside south of Paris for a party. What they got, instead, was a dead woman in the garden. Police described the decomposing body as "hunched in a dug-out area, her head against the ground, covered in branches and surrounded by wood stumps." She was dressed, but had no shoes - and a large diamond ring on. The investigation into her identity is ongoing.
  • The Sneaky Adult Film Director

    An Airbnb owner in Ojai, California sued the company in 2015, alleging that renters had used her mansion to film an unauthorized gay adult movie. Kristina Knapic claimed she thought she was renting her property to a group of friends, but when she found enema kits, various sexual devices, and stains on the linens and carpets, she knew something was up.

    Knapic used a business card she discovered among the wreckage to track down the director, Michael Lucas (real name Andrei Treivas), who had even posted on Facebook that he was shooting "on location" at the home. Knapic's suit asked for compensation for property damage, emotional damages, and breach of contract

  • The Nosy Neighbor

    And you thought your neighbors were uptight. Musician STEFisDOPE and his friends got quite a surprise after settling in to their Decatur, GA Airbnb rental. STEFisDOPE, along with musicians Xali, Willie Howard, and two other men were greeted by police officers after a nosey neighbor spotted them and thought they were robbing the place. According to Xali, cops showed up, "guns out," to confront the perfectly legal renters. They eventually left them alone when they realized the mistake. The neighbor, however, wasn't as accommodating. He apparently came over to the house later and opened the door without knocking.

    Source: CBC

  • The Housesitter from Hell

    A San Francisco couple came home from Burning Man (but don't hold that against them) and noticed a few changes in their house. Blankets had been moved, a laptop charger was missing, and their cardboard cutout of One Direction's Niall (ugh) was in the garage. Was it the work of a nefarious One Direction/blanket hater? No-- just an opportunistic housesitter who decided to rent out his clients' place on AIrbnb while they were away.

    Burners John and Ed said they found the housesitter on a website called TrustedHousesitters.com (oh the irony!) and had already used him twice before with no incident. But this time, the temptation to make a few bucks off the empty apartment was too much. He would have gotten away with it too, if the people who rented the apartment hadn't happened to be friends of John and Ed. When they called to the thank the couple for letting them rent their house, things started to make sense. The listing has since been deleted.

    Source: Gawker
  • The Unhappy Ending

    Imagine this scenario: it's late, it's dark, you've just gotten home from a cross-country fight after being away for months. All you want is to take a hot shower and slip into your own comfortable bed. You open the door, drop your bags, and turn on the light to find a young couple sleeping in your bed. That's exactly what happened to one part-time Californian after her returned home from Chicago.

    Condo owner Robert Corwin thought it was strange that there was a new hookah on his coffee table and no booze in his cupboards, but the real surprise came when he found a man and a woman sleeping in his bed! Turns out, his roommate had been renting out his bedroom while he was gone without telling him. Corwin got rid of the roommate (obviously) and demanded that Airbnb give him some sort of recompense. For their part, the company told CBS Chicago: “This property is no longer listed on Airbnb, and we are reviewing this matter fully."

    Source: Gawker

  • The Ransacker

    In 2011, EJ thought she was doing a good thing by renting her apartment out to strangers for a week-long vacation. However, when she came back home to see a hole smashed into a closet door that had been locked, she knew she had made a huge mistake. Not only had her house guests stolen her passport, credit cards, cash, and jewelry, but they had even gone so far as to take all her digital devices – laptop, camera, iPod – and as well as a hard drive that contained personal photos and journals. As nasty icing on the cake to the tragedy, the guests also left a yellow, smelly, and crusty substance smeared all over the bathroom sink.