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Here's What Airplane Food Looks Like Around The World

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There are a few key components to a successful flight: good entertainment, a considerate seatmate, and satisfying food. If you're a frequent traveler, you likely know what you can eat on different airlines. But what about global airline food? Can you expect to taste international cuisine on a flight to China, or some local specialties on a quick hop through Europe?

Airplane food around the world isn't all that unfamiliar. Fly Air France, and you'll dine on panini and pasta. Take a ride on Japan Airlines, and you'll feast on miso soup and fish. Some airlines go above and beyond with gourmet cuisine in the sky – just look at the spread from Air Emirates, which includes braised lamb.

Tuck into these snapshots of airplane meals from around the globe, and start planning your next vacation.

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    Air Canada

    Photo: Luke Lai

    Menu: Breakfast raviolis, mixed fruit, a roll, coffee and orange juice. Breakfast ravioli? What will Canada think of next?!

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    Japan Airlines

    Photo: Luke Lai

    Menu: Gosh, this looks like a meal for kings! Tea, miso soup, fresh fish, cutlet with potatoes, and many other things to taste.

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    China Airlines

    Photo: Luke Lai

    Menu: Beef, pickled vegetables, rice, mixed fruit, and two whole rolls.

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    Photo: Luke Lai

    Menu: Meatballs with mash and lingonberry jam, a cheese plate, and a small salad.

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