15 Airport Tips And Tricks From Frequent Flyers

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Frequent flyers: vote up the best advice to make your next trip to the airport a little less stressful.

We all know traveling can be stressful. Especially airports. Arriving on time, making sure you have everything, getting through security, and finding your terminal... It's more than enough to start your trip on the wrong foot.

Thankfully, these frequent flyers are sharing their best tips on how to make travel less stressful. Read on and learn what to do at the airport.


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    Always Be Nice To The Check-In Person And Gate Agent

    From Redditor u/PicanteDante:

    Always be nice to the check-in person and gate agent. They are used to people being [jerks] to them all day and may waive baggage fees if you’re over or suggest you are promoted to a higher class if the plane is full. All you have to do is treat them like a person and not an airline-owned robot.

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    Go To The Bathroom Before Boarding

    From Redditor u/mikedashe:

    Always pee BEFORE you board.

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    Double Check The Gate Number On Every Available Screen

    From Redditor u/googooachu:

    Don’t just trust the gate number on your phone app; always double-check with the airport screens.

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    Bring An Empty Water Bottle And Fill It At The Fountains

    From Redditor u/kukukele:

    Bring an empty water bottle and fill it at the fountains. Air travel dehydrates you and most of us don't drink enough fluids anyway.

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    Don't Stand So Close To The Baggage Claim Conveyor Belt

    From Redditor u/RobbexRobbex:

    Standing right next to the baggage claim conveyor belt clogs your and everyone else’s ability to see and grab a bag. Stand back from the belt and only go up to it when you see your bag.

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    Bring Two Bags - One With Your Essentials And One You Won't Need Until Later

    From Redditor u/satya314:

    Have two bags. The backpack should contain all the stuff you would like to be available at moment's notice during the flight. The bigger trolley should only be opened once you have deboarded.