15 Unhinged Stories This Week That Summoned The Internet's Biggest Angry Mobs

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The internet can be a pretty controversial place when everyone has the ability to share their (potentially controversial) opinions with the world. However, there are some moments when groups can come together to agree on things. We turned to r/AmIthe*sshole to find stories that were so one-sided that the crowd actually agreed on who was in the wrong (and they were angry). Do you agree with who they sided with? At the end of each story, we revealed which side the crowd took. Vote on whether you think the crowd made the right choice below. 

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    Woman Gets Called Out For Faking A Pregnancy

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    My brother and I have never been close, so my SIL haven't been either. However one day after coming to a luncheon with our family she announced she was pregnant. At first everyone I including me was excited about having a new niece or nephew. However as she supposedly went onto the pregnancy "5-6 months" she wasn't growing, was drinking alcohol, never had any ultrasounds even though had "hospital appointment my brother was never allowed to go to" was still bending heaving things for her job ( when asked if her job knew she was pregnant she said she never told them) aming other things. One day I was annoyed at her behavior and asked if "Anthony" (brother) asked if he ever saw a pregnancy test. He said he didn't. I said to him I doubt she pregnant and should confirm she is because she is pregnant. 3 weeks later I found out that Anthony finds out she's not really pregnant after forcing her to allow him to go to a hospital for a checkup" (she did go to a checkup but no for pregnancy related issues). She's saying that I shouldn't have interfered into business I had anything to do with and now he's demanding a divorce. I said she shouldn't have faked a pregnancy. She said she had a miscarriage that the hospital later said to Anthony said she was never pregnant. AITA

    EDIT: for those asking about information about SIL, I really don't any. They have always been private because she (SIL doesn't like others "to know what she's doing and her business")

    *The internet sided with the original poster*

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    Engaged Woman Won't Let Her Niece Try On The Engagement Ring

    From Redditor u/JoriJon65756:

    I, f36 recently got engaged to my fiancé, m34. He's in the military and has an extended family. He's close to his sister and 21 year old niece (his bil is deceased)

    When I met his niece, she seemed sweet but kept making passive aggressive comments about me. like how I look older than my fiancé, how we're incompatible just due to our star signs or whatever. And when we announced my engagement she told my fiancé he is moving too fast (we been dating for almost 3 yrs, LDR).

    Yesterday I visited my future in-laws and his sister and niece were there. His niece saw my ring and commented on it saying "I bet this is the fanciest one you've ever got! just like my uncle!". I felt offended and thought that was rude but I ignored her because of how MIL was looking at me. But she (his niece) asked if she could try the ring on, I was taken aback I said no, she asked again but I still said no. next thing I knew she got up from her seat and stood in front of me extending her arm expecting me to take the ring off and give it to her. I was like WTF? I said "please go back to your seat, I already said no", SIL said it was fine but I said I just didn't feel comfortable. SIL then looked at me quizzically and was like "are you serious??, that's his niece, just let her try it on!" I said I'm sorry but no. Niece threw a fit and went upstairs, her mom said I had no reason to act like this and said she didn't get what my problem is. I took my purse about to leave after she kept berating me for not letting her daughter try the ring. MIL asked me to stay but I insisted on leaving. SIL tried calling me and because I needed time to answer she sent a text saying my behavior was alarming and that she will bring this incident up to her brother when he gets back because she sensed that I'm trying to drive a wedge between her daughter and my fiancé for whatever reason. We haven't talked after that and I really don't know what to think of this, I don't know if I acted poorly but I'll leave this to you maybe I'm missing something. AITA??

    Background for some clarification: My fiancé has 2 sisters and he's close to this particular sister and her daughter. Her daughter hangs out a lot with him and sometimes refers to him as "Kev". I found that a bit weird but since he's the youngest uncle (he has 2 older brothers too) then I thought no problem. She follows all his SM accounts and even knows some of his friends, also she drives his car whenever he visits and uses his workout equipment as well. I talked to him about some boundaries but his sister gave me no chance and accused me of putting space between the family and him so I kept my mouth shut.

    *The internet sided with the original poster*

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    Husband Kicks His Friend Out Of His Bedroom So His Wife Can Sleep

    From Redditor u/throwaway66600000:

    Throw away account. So, I 28M have a wife 27F who works full time as a CNA while she is in school to become a an autopsy technician. She works a LOT. She is constantly picking up extra shifts working doubles and even triples. She does all that on top of going to school full time. Because of that she often takes a nap after work. Well yesterday, I had a friend over who I will call E. My wife and E do not get along as E makes her uncomfortable but she and I don’t prevent one and other from seeing friends just because one of us doesn’t like the others friend. E was over at mine and my wife’s house playing video games when my wife calls to tell me she’s on her way home from work. She sounds exhausted and I asked her if she felt ok to drive and if not I’d come pick her up from work and go back together the car later. She says she’s fine to drive and that she’ll see me later. I said ok and told her I loved her. E and I go back to playing video games. It is worth mentioning that the only tv my wife and I have is in our bedroom. I was laying on the bed playing And E was sitting in my desk chair. About 15 minutes or so later I hear my wife come in the house and call out to let me know she was home. I come into the living room and give her a kiss. She all but collapses into my arms exhausted to the point she couldn’t even walk to the bedroom. I ask her if she’s ok and she says is yea just a long day at work. I really need a nap. I nodded and told her to come lay down in the bed. When we get to the bedroom I politely tell E that he needed to leave as my wife was exhausted and we could play later that night. E asks why he needs to leave and why my wife can’t just sleep while he and I keep playing. I explained that it was just a game and that my wife and her needs came first. E then asks why my wife couldn’t just take a nap on our living room couch. I told him I wasn’t making her sleep on the sofa just because he wanted to keep playing. E gets pissed and slammed his controller down on the dresser and goes to leave. Before he does, he turns to my wife and tells her I’ll bet your happy he always feels like he has to pick you over anyone else. He leaves and slams the door on the way out. My wife turns to me and starts to apologize saying she could have just slept on the couch. I tell her no she couldn’t have and tell her to get some rest. Later that night my other friends are blowing up my phone saying things along the lines of bros before hoes and saying it was rude to kick e out just so my wife could sleep. All of my married friends however are on my side saying my wife’s needs come first before my friends. E is now saying he won’t speak to me until I apologize. So am I the *sshole?

    *The internet sided with the original poster*

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    Mother Takes The Gift Her Daughter's Boyfriend Bought Her

    *The From Redditor u/Snoo_75132:

    I (23F) blocked my mother for taking a gift that my boyfriend gave to me for my birthday.

    I spent my birthday (April 13th) with my boyfriend a couple days ago, and one of the gifts included a ceramic cupcake.

    About a month ago, we were sharing stories about our childhood when I mentioned a particular story that I didn't realize still bothered me.

    A long time ago, I went to a pottery shop where I painted a pre-made, ceramic cupcake at my friend's birthday party. I chose the cupcake because you can store small things (for example, jewelry) in it. I worked really hard to paint it and it looked really nice. It looked so nice that my mom wanted it for herself. So, we played a game of cards. If my mom won, she got to keep the cupcake. If I won, I got McDonald's.

    Unfortunately, I lost. A year later, I talked to my mom about how I wished I didn't bet the cupcake, and she offered to play another round of cards. In the end, I won, but she refused to give the cupcake back. This resulted in an argument but with me being a child, I couldn't really do anything about it.

    Fast forward to a month ago, I brought this up to my boyfriend while joking around. However, he said I seemed really passionate about it when I was explaining it. So, he tried to find something that matched my description, and considering that he's never seen it, I would say he was pretty spot on. I really appreciated the gift because it showed how attentive and caring my boyfriend was.

    As such, I kept the cupcake on my desk, so that when I'm studying for my final exams, I could look at it and be reminded of positive thoughts only.

    My mom came today (April 16th) to celebrate my belated birthday. When she entered my room, her eyes immediately went to the cupcake on my desk, so I explained to her the story behind it. She laughed and said, "wouldn't it look nice if I had both?"

    I laughed with her but deep down, I was annoyed. Throughout the night, she kept making side comments about the cupcake, but I mostly brushed them off.

    When she had finally left my place, I entered my room to see that the cupcake was missing.

    I called her repeatedly until she finally picked up. At first, she said she didn't know where it was before finally admitting that she put in her purse. She claimed that she wanted to take a picture of the two cupcakes together.

    I was so upset that I immediately hung up. my mom lives about 2 hours away and it would be hard to get there without a car. This made me feel teary-eyed and eventually, I started crying (between this and final exams, I felt very overwhelmed).

    I sent her a text message basically saying how upset I was and she apologized, but I was still upset. I told her, "don't call or text me. Send me an email if it's an emergency" and blocked her phone number. However, after thinking about it, I'm starting to feel bad. Am I just overreacting? AITA?

    *The internet sided with the original poster*

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    Bride-To-Be Takes Heels Off At Engagement Party

    From Redditor u/wtfthesehighheels4:

    My fiance (m31) and I (f26) got engaged several days ago. This is relevant, he's tall and I'm in the 5's category, pretty small compared to him and his family. He asked that I wear high heels at our engagement party since there was going to be photos. Although I wasn't comfortable (not a fan either) with high heels, I decided to wear them just for his sake since he begged and pleaded. and also since he promised I would be sitting most of the time. But at the party he had me stand for hours to welcome the guests (there were like 20 guests) with him. I got so tired of standing and my feet and legs were on fire. I asked if I could sit but his mom said I'm the fiancee and should stand next to my partner not just sit like the party had nothing to do with me.

    I told my fiance again that I was in so much pain but he said "suck it up, it's almost over". I had enough of it, I took my heels off and let my feet and legs cool off. He and his mom looked at me in utter confusion. Several of his family and guests saw me barefoot as well. He freaked out asking what I was doing. his mom asked that I put my heels on but I said my feet were done and I couldn't do it anymore. my fiance begged me but I stood there til it was over like he wanted. The minute I got in the car he flipped out.. saying I embarrassed him infront of family and friends by standing there barefoot and refusing to put my heels back on even after his mom repeatedly asked. I reminded him that he said I wouldn't be standing but turns out it wasn't true. He argued that for someone with a height like mine, then I should wear high heels more often, and said should've sucked it up for his sake. he went upstairs and turned his phone off and refused to speak to me.

    I had no intentions of embarrassing him and I do feel I should've sucked it up. but I think that he wasn't truthful about how long I was expected to stand. Aita?

    *The internet sided with the original poster*

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    Partner Reveals Their Husband's Unemployment After He Made A Rude Comment

    From Redditor u/lemkq339:

    My husband Jared and I have been married for 3 years. He's currently out of work (used to work at a high paying job but got kicked out the company over a fight with a co worker) and I'm the one paying for rent and utilities.

    We dedicate some time to see his family weekly. They don't know he's unemployed because he thought they'll see him as a failure especially his mom so he told me to keep it a secret.

    Last night we were sitting eating dinner at the table. His cousin was talking about his fiancee going to brazil to do a boob job. Jared asked if he was serious then "flattered" FSIL's boobs saying they're perfect and that he didn't understand why she'd get a boob job. He then turned to me, stared at my chest while I was eating like an idiot (I have a flat chest, I'm insecure about it but can't do anything about it obviously) and said "Hey why don't YOU get a boob job, you're the one who needs it the most". His mom gasped and was like " JARED!?? " I said "It's fine!"  I then turned to him and said "I'll get a boob job once YOU get an ACTUAL JOB since you've been unemployed for 6 months now$!!", He stared at me in disbelief. his mom began questioning him about being unemployed and he denied denied denied then admitted it was true. It got awkward with his mom scolding him and others shaming him for it and for hiding it. He got so overwhelmed he went outside and stayed inside the car til I came.

    He started yelling at me repeatedly "you couldn't have held your effing tongue?!!", And accused me of turning his family against him and having them judge then shun him now he can't even step a foot in their house from shame and guilt. I argued that his comment about my chest was insulting, but he said he was giving me a piece of advice and that there is nothing wrong with him wanting me to look pretty and that he said what he said out of support and encouragement, but I what I did was the complete opposite and that it was intended to hurt him and I succeeded.

    He dropped me off at home then went to stay with his buddies. I called him later thinking he calmed down but his friend said he didn't want to speak to me and I should give him space.

    *The internet sided with the original poster*


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