15 Unhinged Stories From This Week That Summoned The Internet's Biggest Angry Mobs

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The internet can be a pretty controversial place when everyone has the ability to share their (potentially contoversial) opinions with the world. However, there are some moments when groups can come together to agree on things. We turned to r/AmIthe*sshole to find stories that were so one-sided that the crowd actually agreed on who was in the wrong (and they were angry). 

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    Partner Gets Angry At Mom When She Makes Their Girlfriend Sleep On The Floor

    From Redditor u/Roseonthefloor:

    My girlfriend, “Rose,” and I have been together for 4 years and she is 5 months pregnant with our first child. My mum seemed to really like Rose (or at the very least tolerated her) - but after we announced that we were expecting, something definitely switched in her.

    She has become extremely rude and disrespectful towards my girlfriend. She makes passive-aggressive comments at every chance she gets. I’ve had to take a step back from my mother until she fixes her behaviour.

    Rose had gone to visit her family who lives far out of town. It was a very last-minute trip, and she drove herself to the destination and back. Unfortunately, at around 6pm, her car broke down and she was forced to pull over. Fortunately, my brother, “Chris,” who’s great with cars and lives about an hour and ½ from where Rose was stranded, was willing to pick her up and sorted everything out. I was out of the country, so I’m grateful that my brother sorted everything out for her.

    Chris moved back in with my mum about a year ago. Obviously, the situation wasn’t the best, especially considering the tension between Rose and my mom that exists for no particular reason, but I hoped my mum could put her pettiness aside for at least a night.

    It was too late for Chris to drive Rose back home, so my brother told her that he would drive her back tomorrow morning. An arrangement that my mum seems to not like, but one that she managed to keep her mouth shut about (my girlfriend tells me)

    Rose helps prepare dinner, wash up, and actually engage in a decent conversation with my mum for the first time in ages. However, they mostly avoid each other. Chris goes to bed earlier, leaving my mum and Rose.

    My mum lives in a two-bedroom apartment and since both bedrooms were taken. Rose assumed that she would be sleeping on the couch.

    She apparently assumed wrong.

    My mum gives Rose the thinnest blanket ever and basically screams at her, telling her that she has to sleep on the floor to not “ruin her couch.” She tells Rose to “make do,” with the pillows on the couch and the blanket that provides zero warmth.

    Rose thought about protesting, but ultimately decided against it. According to Rose, my mum kept opening her door to check if she was sleeping on the couch, so she couldn’t even try to sleep on the couch.

    At 5am, Chris found Rose on the couch and let her sleep on his bed. He ended up telling me, but told me to not make a “big fuss out of it.”

    I did the exact opposite.

    I called my mum, very angry, and told her that she was disrespecting her so badly. She tried to defend herself by saying, “that she didn’t harm the baby,” and “it’s okay for pregnant women to sleep on the floor,” but I Refused to hear any of it. Chris agrees with me, but told me that I shouldn’t make it a fight. I feel like I’m losing my mind. AITA?


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    Parent Sends Email To Teacher About A No Exclusion Policy

    From Redditor u/protectivemommyg:

    My daughter is 12, I'm trying to teach her ways of creating and respecting her boundaries that are age appropriate. Teaching her that it's ok to say "No" to things she feels uncomfortable with.

    There is a boy in her class who keeps bothering her and her female friends at recess. I've encouraged her to go to me or her teacher when this happens.

    My daughter told me a few days ago that in class, the teacher had asked the kids to form groups of about four or five. She had formed a group of five with some other girls, then the boy who had been giving her trouble at recess came over and said he was joining their group. Another girl said that they already have five, and he should work with a group who only have two or three people.

    He said no because the teacher had said "about" four or five. My daughter then said that they didn't want to work with him, and he should find another group. A few of the other girls agreed with her. He said that "you can't exclude me like that, it's against class rules" and she said she didn't care.

    I heard about this from my daughter first, and the way she talked about it, she had been firm but not unkind.

    But then I got an email from her teacher saying she wanted to call. She said there had been an incident at school where my daughter had excluded another child, and that wasn't allowed in her class, and she wanted me to have a talk with her about it. Her telling of events was the same as my daughter's. I felt proud of my daughter for her honesty.

    I sent her an email saying..

    Dear Mrs. (Teacher)

    I'm sorry, but that is not a lesson I feel comfortable teaching my daughter.

    She's at the age where she is already having to deal with unwanted attention, and I'm making a point to teach her that she does not have to be around anyone who makes her uncomfortable. And that a young lady is able to choose to spend time with people who make her feel respected.

    I understand you already are aware (Boy) has been behaving in ways that she feels uncomfortable with at recess, from our prior conversations.

    I think it is a very dangerous lesson to teach a girl she has to include and be kind to everyone, instead of teaching her to be aware of when someone is not respecting her "No" and stepping out of the situation.

    I hope I don't have to explain in too much detail why I find this important... But to put it briefly, I was brought up with the "Include everyone" mindset. No exceptions. It taught me to ignore my own comfort level, and as I became a young adult I became the victim of men who used my inability to say "No" to their advantage. It's a dangerous lesson, and no longer appropriate at that age.

    Thank you,


    She emailed me back asking for a meeting in person with the principal. I'm preparing for that but wondering if my email was too harsh

    AITA for my response to my daughter's teacher?


    Edit to update...

    I reached out to the parents of the other four girls in the class who were involved, and we all coordinated to go speak to the school administration together. They had similar views, thinking it was inappropriate for the school to expect the girls work with someone who they're not comfortable with, and frustrated the teacher didn't do more to deal with the issues during recess that made the girls uncomfortable to start with.

    I ended up asking the school if we could reschedule the meeting to a time all the involved families could make, and we ended up meeting this afternoon along with my husband, another couple, two mothers, and a father. Along with the teacher and principal.

    We all presented a united front asking for the following...

    The school does training for the teachers on trauma-informed teaching methods and the dangers of expecting young women to go against their best judgement of their own boundaries to be "nice". Instead of "Include everyone" the kids should be allowed to respectfully set boundaries and taught to respect each other's boundaries.

    The school addresses harassment in class or at recess and doesn't enable it to continue.

    We went to talk, and I think it went a lot better having all the parents join instead of if I'd gone alone. The teacher and principal apologized and the principal agreed to look for resources on how to better navigate the balance between being inclusive and not forcing kids into including someone who is crossing a line with them.

    Thanks a lot for all the amazing advice in the comments, I cannot believe how much this blew up and I'm so grateful to everyone who replied with advice and support. And honestly was getting pretty emotional hearing how the lessons I'm trying to teach my little one resonated with other women, whether they're moms too, or have been through some of the same struggles I have.

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    New Partner Refuses To Help With Party Planning Because They Were Banned From Attending

    From Redditor u/montanafesto:

    My long-time partner has been divorced for years. The divorce was acrimonious and he and his ex-wife do not get along. We've been asked to host their daughter's graduation party at our home because my partner's ex dropped the ball and failed to secure the venue. I spent a week planning the party, making arrangements, and ordering materials to make her vision a reality. A week later, she informed us that my presence would anger her mother, and under no circumstances could I attend the party being held at my home (in our shop). I am expected, however; to devote my time and creative talents to making her graduation party beautiful. WIBTA if I refused to plan, organize and decorate for this party?

    UPDATE: In our home, next door to this boring party, all of my best girlfriends and I will be consuming the food I had planned for the party, while dressed in LBDs, drinking champagne, and contemplating my future.

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    New Mom Serves Her Husband's Family Mac And Cheese For Dinner

    From Redditor u/Dinner101____:

    My husband and I welcomed our first born 4 weeks ago. The baby is health (Thank God) but I'm exhausted, haven't fixed my hair, barely able to shower and can not sleep.

    My husband's family had been pressuring us to visit to meet the baby. I tried to hold them off as much as I could but yesterday, I was surprised to find them standing on the porch. turns out hubby invited them for dinner. I was embarrassed and felt like I wasn't ready for visitors (judgemental ones at that 😉) cause the house was a M.E.S.S y'all. Anyways, my husband sat with them while I fed my son then later I asked my husband if we should order take out for dinner. He said "NO" because his parents would find this rude and unwelcoming. He suggested that I go inside the kitchen and prepare something, anything long as it's "homemade". I said fine then went and made some Mac N cheese. The reason I prepared this meal is because of how easy it is.

    Once I served the family, My husband's mom looked at me and was appalled. I noticed something was wrong. She asked if I really found it "appropriate" to serve her and the family Mac N cheese. I asked why not and she went on a rant about how disrespectful this was and that I clearly have no experience in what is right and wrong when it comes to hosting. I said excuse me? Who said I signed up to host an expected visit from them and she took it as in I didn't want them there. her husband said they were just there to finally see the baby that I kept them from seeing for an entire month. that's a whole month of his life they "missed" out on. We had an argument and they decided to go home. My husband said that deciding to serve his family Mac N cheese was more offensive then serving them nothing at all. I told him I was too exhausted to cook their "traditional feasts" that I was forced to learn from his mom. He took offense and said that I was being mean and disrespectful towards not only his family but his culture. I went inside the bedroom to stay with my son. My husband stayed on the phone with his family for an hour then kept giving me the cold shoulder and refused to eat what I cook in support of his family.

    I understand how some guests might find it offensive especially his family. but I was just trying to make a quick homemade meal like my husband wanted. What's wrong with Mac N cheese?

    EDIT* Ok, So I'm seeing commenters here offering to come over for some Mac N cheese. It's amazing to hear that some people here would appreciate this kind of meal. It kinda makes me feel relieved and reassures me that I didn't mess this up entirely.

    Come on in Y'all! I'll be more than happy to serve you some mac n cheese, some of y'all even offered to bring mashed potatoes and pizza. LOL would love to have y'all over some time.

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    Teacher Refuses To Return Child's Phone

    From Redditor u/crackedphonaita:

    Alt acc because my family knows my reddit. My spouse (41M) and I (41F) have a child that we'll call Hannah (15f). Last week I picked Hannah up and she said that one of her teachers, we'll call her Ms. K, took her phone for looking at it during class. I told her she needed to keep her phone in her pocket during class, then Hannah tells that Ms. K still hasn't returned it. I thought that was a little weird but whatever, get it tomorrow. Every day after Hannah tells me she asked for it back and Ms. K refuses. On Thursday I sent her an email asking when we can expect the phone back and that I would like her to have it for when she works this weekend. No reply.

    A whole week of this passes. Today, Hannah gets in my car and tells me she asked and Ms. K didn't even answer. She just ignored her. I lost my patience and went into the school. I found Ms. K standing outside her classroom and told her it was time she give me the phone back. She tells me that Hannah needs to learn to stop using her phone in class and I tell her that I agree, and that she can take her phone away every day in her class if she feels she needs to, but it's not acceptable for her to just keep the phone for this long. I made a scene, students and teachers alike were staring, but she relented and said she would get the phone out of her office and came back with it about 3 minutes later.

    I feel like an idiot for not checking the phone when she handed it to me. I didn't give Hannah back her phone from my purse until she was done with her assignments for today and a couple minutes after she comes back to me in a panic. Two things were wrong. One, the screen was cracked and it wasn't before. Two, she had to re-log in to her apple ID which we thought was odd. She then looked at her account settings and saw a second apple ID, with Ms. K's full name and avatar. We think she may have merged the data or something too because there are contacts we don't recognize on the phone. I lost it, told Hannah she can't use the phone for now because I'm worried if Ms. K has access to anything on her end, and sent an email to her demanding an explanation. There has not been a reply. I'm seriously considering reporting her to an administrator and having her pay for the screen repair, but my husband thinks that will cause her to retaliate on our daughter and that I might have overstepped by confronting her today. He also thinks it's possible she may have made a mistake and accidentally thought she was on her own iphone or something, and that his IT guy could help with separating the ID's. He thinks we should let it go now that the phone is returned.

    I agree that he might be right about Ms. K retaliating, and I might be overreacting, but I'm having a hard time accepting the state that she returned Hannah's phone and just letting things go. WIBTA for reporting her?


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    Ex-Employee Is Honest About Why They Stopped Working At Their Old Job When Talking To A New Hire

    From Redditor u/yagirldebbie:

    I’m a student in University, and my first year I worked in a lab. It was not a good experience. One of my coworkers would constantly text me outside of work and demand that I answer her immediately. The bosses did nothing about it, but yelled at me if I texted her outside of work hours. I was scheduled to work way too many hours, and pressured into skipping class to go into work. They gave me little to no flexibility for exams, and I was often running from exam to work because they wouldn’t give me time off. I was being bombarded and harassed by the job so much that it felt like I was a student on the side and a full time employee, when the reverse was true. This was an on campus job, so my employers definitely knew I was a student.

    Eventually I was fed up and just handed in my resignation and didn’t show up again. I was sick and tired of being run ragged for a job and got a new one. Well, I put that I’d worked this job on LinkdIn and a girl contacted me saying she’d been offered a job there and wanted to know my experience.

    I told her everything above and she ended up not taking it and going to a different lab. She ended up telling my old employers that I told her my experiences, and they are blowing up my email and phone, calling me unprofessional and an *sshole because she would have been a good addition to the lab.

    AITA for telling her my experiences which caused her to not take the job?



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