15 Messy April Fools Stories That Are So Unhinged We Wish They Were Jokes

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Most people dread April Fools as a holiday, but there's always that one guy who celebrates each year without fail. We found the most chaotic April Fools stories from people on both sides of the prank-spectrum. Even though they have their differences, all of these stories have one thing in common- each one is just as unhinged as the next. 

  • 1. Is This Woman In The Wrong For Announcing Her Pregnancy On April Fool's Day On Purpose?

    Posted by Redditor u/dresdenjumper:

    I am pregnant and would like to announce it on April 1st, making the post look like my younger sister is playing a joke on me until the afternoon when I clear it up and say that I'm really pregnant (and the April fool is tricking people into believing she 'hacked me). My younger sister loves this idea, thinks it's hilarious and helped with the wording to make it look as unlike me as possible (like, it will have hashtags which I never use, and I'll joke about naming the kid April). I like a good joke, and how often does big, good news come up so close to April?

    My family all already know my situation so I won't be breaking any news to them, this will be a surprise for my friends. I was talking to my elder sister about the April fool plan. She didn't like the idea and was concerned I'd offend or upset other people who had difficulty conceiving or miscarriages. I had a knejerk reaction of, "someone else's misfortune isn't my burden to bear and it's not like I'm pretending to be pregnant " and she reluctantly agreed, but now I'm having second thoughts. Is it an arsehole move to announce a pregnancy when people might think I'm joking?

  • 2. Is This New Father In The Wrong For Pranking His Family About The Birth Of His New Child?

    Posted by Redditor u/VeganLee:

    Wife is almost 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop any day now. Last night, my father texts me and asks how the wife is doing.

    I respond with "She's doing okay, the first night home with the baby was brutal." Implying that the baby was born and home and we didn't tell anyone.

    I waited 3 minutes before I responded saying "jkjk April Fools". Apparently the 3 minutes was enough for him to notify the entire side of the family and got everyone excited and unbelievably p*ssed that I told nobody and invited nobody to the hospital.

    He just responded "Dude...you f*cking kidding me?" and now wont talk to me.

  • 3. Is He In The Wrong For Thinking A Divorce Announcement Was An April Fools Prank?

    Posted by Redditor u/dvdasacargiveaway:

    Let me preface this off by blaming all of you, the entirety of reddit for desensitizing me, and giving me major trust issues on April fools day.

    So here it goes... Yesterday I got a group text from my wifes (sarah) side of the family stating there was an emergency family meeting happening that night over dinner at my mother in laws (Barb) house.

    I immediately had april fools spidey senses starting to tingle, but we haven't all got together since Christmas so I overlooked it and said we (my wife and I ) were in.

    We were the last to arrive and it was pretty somber when we walked in. We all sat down at the table and my wifes brother (Tim) informed the family that his wife (Ashley) has been having an affair and they are divorcing. The affair was with a long time close family friend (Chris) who lived a block away.

    Chris' wife (jen) had caught them when she came home early one day last week and broke the news to my brother in law Tim.

    Both families have been friends for years. They live less than a block from each other, they each have been married for 15+ years, have 4 kids right around the same age. Honestly, I have always thought both of them were picture perfect families. Hell, all four of them and their kids were at our house two weeks ago for a bbq.

    Anyways after airing a lot of dirty laundry, and their plans to divorce, how it could effect future family functions, and opening it up to the group of any questions... there was silence.

    I broke the silence with laughter and a slow clap. Saying this was the best april fools gag I've ever seen but I wasn't falling for it. I told Ashley and especially Tim they need to consider going into theater, their performances were top notch and tears seemed genuine.

    Being the newest member of the family (my wife and I married 6 months ago) this was probably not the best thing to say in hindsight. I probably should not have said anything.

    Everyone in the room looked horrified.

    My mother in law, who had been crying the entire time, lost all composure. She left the room in hysterics and did not return before we left.

    Tim, just shook his head, and his cheating wife actually let out a brief chuckle before calling me out for being a dumb*ss for thinking this was a ruse. Then berating me for being so insensitive.

    The rest of the family sat in silence shaking their heads as my wife berated me for trying to make a joke out of a serious situation...

    I am still dumbfounded. In hindsight, I probably should have sat in silence... but I honestly still feel like I was calling out an april fools gag.

  • 4. Is This Person In The Wrong For Pulling A Passive Aggressive Email Prank?

    Posted by Redditor u/ReginaldHardwick:

    I work in an standard office, with all the standard office stuff - kitchen, toilets, shared pool cars, etc. Of course there is a bit of friction around the office regarding these shared things, how dirty they are, etc. So some of my colleagues (2 in particular) have a habit of sending out group emails to everyone in the company complaining about the issues that everyone else ignores and gets on with their work (with themes like e.g. "please keep the kitchen cleaner", "Please use the car planner when using a car and return it full of petrol". As a bit of a joke next April Fools Day I want to send out the following group email (meta, right??):

    Dear All

    I would like to bring your attention to the use of the group email function. I notice that many people are using this and would like to clarify how and when it should be used. Please note the following points:

    Group emails should be restricted to issues that always get complained about, but never change.

    Always adopt an extremely passive aggressive tone when group emailing.

    Put random words in the email in bold to make your point.

    Please make sure you read the date of the email in question before responding to it ;)

    Thank you for your attention


    The last point is of course to giveaway the email as an April Fools gag.

    So what do you think? *sshole move; or legitimate ribbing which will lead to general hilarity and strengthening of team spirit?

  • 5. Is This Girlfriend In The Wrong For Questioning Her Boyfriend's Family's Prank?

    Posted by Redditor u/[deleted]:

    I feel like I was kind of pushy and rude in this situation but it was so weird. My boyfriend comes from a wealthy family. His dad was in politics for a while, I'm not exactly sure what he does now but he seems to be a businessman, and they are very well off.

    His brother has a six year old daughter and is a single dad. Their mom really takes on the mother role with the child and his brother and my boyfriend were joking about how she loves that kid more than them and she always wanted a girl. The brother said something along the lines of do you blame her, we were *sshole kids, and then they were joking about some of the pranks they played as kids.

    They woke their mom up on April Fool's day and told her their dad called (he was on a business trip) and he got arrested, the FBI is looking into him. She freaked out and started crying. They were both laughing about it, but they were acting like it is totally normal. I asked what the context of the joke was and why it would be believable and they both shrugged it off.

    I asked their mom why she was crying and why the FBI would be involved, and she tried to make a joke about she was crying because she had awful kids who liked to prank her at seven in the morning. I asked again why the FBI, and no one would answer. My boyfriend told me after that I was rude and made everyone uncomfortable, but I felt like it was so weird, and then their behavior made it weirder.

  • 6. Is This Boyfriend In The Wrong For Making His Girlfriend Cook For His Mom On Her Birthday?

    Posted by Redditor u/ElectronicCoconut558:

    Trying to keep this short as I’m long winded. First time posting and I suppose that’s a good thing?

    Ok, so boyfriend is gone quite often for work, made it a point to be in the day before my birthday and my the day of.

    So, night before surprises me with a few little gifts and a beautiful card with a very heartfelt message written inside. I’m the back it said ‘Oh wait, there’s more, you’re *ss is just going to have to wait.’ :-)

    That being said, I thought he might have something planned, a surprise for the day perhaps. Noted to add, my bday is also April Fools Day and everyone busts me and he always says how he’s actually going to really get me one year.

    We go paddle boarding in the morning as I just purchased one for myself. On our way back, he asks me about a recipe I often cook. Ok, cool. I say I can pick up a few ingredients I need and I’m thinking it’s a request for another day.

    Nope, he then tells me his mother has been down in the dumps and told him about this LAST night. I said I totally feel for her, I can do lunch or spend some time with her on my day off since he’s gone pretty often, etc.

    He then asked if I would make her dinner that night. Make her dinner on my day. Like, he could have told me about this last night, and I probably would have been more understanding.

    I’m sorry, I know I may sound like a brat but working on if I’m the *sshole or not.

    He literally did nothing on my birthday, nothing, nada, zilch after making it seem like he had something planned.

    He then asked me to cook for his mom—and I totally would any other day but honestly, I didn’t want to sit there on my day off and listen to a sad story.

    Also, his mother doesn’t suffer from depression or anything like that except for being narcissistic.

    Thank you!!