15 Stories About School-Related Drama That Get An A+ For Chaos

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When it comes to drama, some people need to learn their lessons. We found the most drama-packed education related stories that prove sometimes, you're not too old to get schooled. Vote up the stories where you agree with the original poster. 

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    High School Baseball Coach Uses A Prison Bus To Transport Team

    From Redditor u/FirstBaseThrowAway:

    I'm a high school baseball coach. I love what I do. But things have been hard over the last couple of years with inflation and other crises states school district budget cuts.

    The baseball program is surviving off of fundraisers, a sponsorship from the local auto parts store, and the baseball coaches are donating a portion of their salaries. One of the biggest things that were cut was the school buses. Those buses were free, and we relied on them to get the kids to their games, training, and tournaments.

    We really can't have a season without them, and I vented to my brother-in-law about this. My brother-in-law chaperones for the team and works at the state prison. He said, “I'll see what I can do.” The next day he said that the Warden of the Prison offered one of the buses for us to use for the season. He even gave us a $5000 check of his own money made out to our team. I literally cried with this news. It was a lifeline for the season.

    The parents felt a certain way of having their kids on a prison bus. But they understood of the cards that we were being dealt and quickly got over it. However, we’ve gained notoriety throughout the city/county as the “prison bus team.” We've become kind of notorious like the Bad News Bears and the kids love it.

    School Administration and the School District said my behavior as a coach is “inappropriate” and threatened to suspend me if I don't take the kids off the prison bus. But what else do we have? What later came about is the kids and the parents blasting them all over social media about the budget cuts and how the Prison is supporting the kids more than the school district They've become black-sheep’s in our town and have basically been shunned for not supporting the kids in the community. I get it can be embarrassing but I just want to check AITA?

    P.S Our city has a budget surplus of 795k. Just Saying🤷‍♂️


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    Student Announces That Their Dad Won't Pay Their College Tuition

    From Redditor u/yeasothat:

    My aunt and uncle are paying for my cousins college.

    My dad had a college fund for me, but he had stipulations like he wanted nothing below a B for grades and to pre approve any classes I take, weekly meetings to discuss grades and a bunch of other stuff. Which would be fine if you have a normal dad. Mine isn't.

    My dad has a temper and I spent 6th-12th grade stressed out about grades and being screamed at or grounded over things that sometimes weren't even my fault like a teacher not updating online grading and an assignment being marked "missing" because of it. And getting my back pack and locker randomly searched by him for no reason besides "to make sure I'm not hiding anything ".

    I decided to pay for school myself because of 1 not being stressed over getting screamed at 2 I didn't feel like constantly worrying that he'd disapprove of a class or a grade and decide not to pay. Which I could totally see him doing. I'd rather be in debt than controlled for 4 more years.

    I just finished my first year.

    Well my family got together on the 4th and... well sometimes they're nosey. They were talking about my cousins school and my uncle looked at my dad and said "well how much is - my name- school costing you?"

    I said "what are you asking him for I'm the one paying for it?"

    Later on my dad was p*ssed off and said that it was out of line to say that and I embarrassed him.

    I didn't do it to embarrass him, I was just being honest. He doesn't even know how much tuition is so he was the wrong person to ask.


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    Student Goes To Higher Faculty To Complain About Being Accused Of Cheating

    From Redditor u/Astral_ix:


    I (15M) am currently taking Introduction to Python; basically, it’s coding and computer science. It’s a fairly moderately difficult course, and I only started getting better after Christmas.

    So basically last week my teacher wasn’t in the classroom because she was helping with school events. This was last Tuesday when I did the assignment, which was building a chatbot. The substitute teacher played the wrong video. He played the advanced computer science video, so some directions I could’ve gotten weren’t given. We tried to tell him but he didn’t listen.

    Fast forward to yesterday, I did the assignment and turned it in. I took around 10-15 minutes on it, which is quick for me, but I’d been practicing my coding on my spare time.

    So yesterday, the teacher brings up that if we cheated we’d get a zero. I found it weird that she even thought to bring this up seeing as my class and I are good kids (as in none of us talk back, have gotten ISS, etc). I shrugged it off.

    Then, I go to check my grade for it and see I got a 0. I’m like “wtf?” and start panicking. My friend (17F) who did the assignment similar to me got a 20/20. So then I start panicking and then proceed to have a panic attack. My friend manages to calm me down, and I go to the teacher.

    I ask her about it, and she was like “Your answer was exactly like the answer key. How?” And I’m like “I don’t know, I just did what the assignment told me to do.” She then accuses me of cheating, saying that I probably looked up the answers online. Which no, I didn’t. I have since checked my search history and found nothing relating to it. She says that I only took 10-15 minutes, when I “couldn’t even do a variable and took 30 minutes to do that previously”. Which is untrue. Yes, I struggled with coding, but I’ve gotten better at it through practicing.

    After having no luck with her, I just take the L. I go home and tell my grandma (67F), and she is beyond p*ssed that I would be accused of cheating. She offered to go to the school, but I told her no. She told me I need to stand up for myself.

    WIBTA if I go to my school faculty about this? I don’t want to make her mad at me, but I also don’t like being accused of cheating when I really didn’t. I love coding, and I genuinely have been practicing.

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    They Got Their Sister Expelled

    From Redditor u/circagym26:

    I (14m) recently got my twin sister (14f) expelled from school after reporting her for the bullying she did. I don’t think I did anything wrong and my grandpa (72m) is on my side but parents (40m and 40f) think I betrayed sister.

    My sister has never been the nicest person, she got in trouble for bullying in elementary school and earlier in middle school, has gotten detention and ISS before, but this is the worst punishment she’s gotten so far. She can be mean to our siblings and cousins too if she wants to. We are in 8th grade now.

    A few weeks ago, I was playing basketball outside during lunch (which we’re allowed to do), me and my friends were having a good time when we saw a boy crying on the grass, me and my friends went to see what was wrong. This boy was telling us about how he was being bullied by a group of kids for being “preppy” (posts skincare routines on TikTok, Starbucks iced coffee, generally seen as a more feminine male aesthetic), kids were calling him gay and the f slur when he’s not gay. We told him we thought he was cool, he started discussing skincare and fashion with us, we don’t know much about it so me and my friends were trying to talk about Nike and stuff about fashion we did know (mostly sports stuff), and he actually knew quite a bit about it, said he’s started taking courses at a local college about fashion history, he’s also in 8th grade like us.

    After we calmed him down, we asked him if he wanted to play ball with us and we were amazed at how good he was, he said he’s not really into sports but he was so naturally good, had us playing our hardest and scored against a few of us when playing in teams, we encouraged him to potentially try out for the team in high school and he said he’d consider it.

    Over the few weeks, we’ve started to hang out with him more and more, we were at the park playing with him and he dropped his phone, one of my friends picked it up and unintentionally opened up the messages on Instagram since he got a notification for it, he saw someone text him homophobic stuff, the boy noticed my sister was one of the kids sending him the messages, we told him it wasn’t ok and that we’d go to AP with him. My sister and her friends was called into the office and they all got in a bunch of trouble, it was her, 3 other girls and 2 other boys, one of which is her boyfriend. My sister was the ringleader and the cruelest, so she got the harshest punishment and was expelled.

    My mother and father said I shouldn’t have gone to AP and instead talked to them, my grandfather has a different perspective since he was involved in progressive activist groups in his teen years and college years, and while he’s straight, he saw his gay friends get bullied and was horrified about what she was doing, even though it was to a straight boy. My sister is calling me an *sshole, a snitch and says she hates me, my friends are reassuring me we did the right thing.

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    Preschool Teacher Refuses To Change Diaper Outside Of School Hours

    From Redditor u/Commercial_Object941:

    Hi everyone, I (20f) work full time at a daycare with younger preschoolers, a few of whom are still in diapers. The other day I was at huge a barbecue with some friends from high school and the friends of their parents were also there. I ran into one of my preschoolers and her mom and chatted with her for a little while. After a few minutes the mom said that her kids diaper was dirty and asked if I could change it. I thought she was joking so I laughed and made a joke back about how “I only change diapers when I’m on the clock.” Her friends that she was sitting with all kind of laughed awkwardly but she looked at me dead serious and said “no really I don’t change diapers.” I felt really awkward but just said “no, sorry” and went to walk away but then she started explaining to me that her husband is the only one who changes diapers because she’s a germaphobe and has emetaphobia (fear of throwing up) and she’s only done it a few times when she absolutely had to and she always threw up after which apparently she has a crippling fear of doing. I felt that regardless of the circumstances, it was inappropriate for her to ask me this so I said no again.

    She seemed really shocked by this and continued to explain how much she hates changing diapers and how her husband wasn’t here so he couldn’t help. I just told her that I don’t like changing them either and I think it’s inappropriate for her to keep pushing this when I have already told her no. She then said “it’s devastating to me to learn my daughter’s favorite teacher has so little empathy” and after that I just walked away. A few minutes later I saw her putting the kid in the car and leaving so I assume she went to wherever her husband was to have him do it. I texted my boss to tell her what happened because I am about to go on vacation and I assumed that the mother would say something to her about it. My boss just told me that I could tell her about it in more detail when I get back and she’d let me know if the mom said anything to her but it seemed like I was in the right in saying no.

    I don’t think I’m the AH in this situation. I am not her employee and even if I was I still think that’s not something you should ask someone to do outside of work hours. I do not know this mom well at all, we rarely talk at pickup or drop off and she was sitting at a table of her friends who I presume know about her situation and would’ve have been better people to ask for help. I think if she would rather let her kid sit in a dirty diaper for the car ride home instead of changing it herself, she shouldn’t be going places without her husband. The only part of this that makes me feel a little bit like an *sshole is the fact that the kid had to sit in their own poop for the car ride home. I just assumed that once I left she would either ask one of her friends or suck it up and do it herself.


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    Mother Sends Her Child To Private School Against Father's Wishes

    From Redditor u/Garlic3064:

    I (f28) had my daughter (f9) when I was quite young. Her father (m33) bailed and I didn't have any family to support me so the first few years were tough. I ended up taking an extra two years to graduate college and I had to put my career goals/ambitions on hold. Now, I don't regret any of this and I love my daughter, but I wasn't able to give her the life I wanted her to have in the first few years.

    Through some miracle or luck, I was able to get her into an amazing private school in our city with almost full coverage financial aid. While there were some out of pocket costs + after school care costs, I wanted to set my daughter up for success and saw this as a way to do so. She has been at this school her whole school life and absolutely loves it.

    Last year, her father moved to the city we live in and reached out. He said he wanted to be a part of her life and didn't want to miss out on any more moments. We initially tried to handle things together without the courts, but he was unhappy about the slow progress and decided to take me to court for visitation. He asked for 50/50 custody and was awarded it, but now has to pay child support including school tuition which has lead to this issue. He initially agreed to pay for private education in court.

    Because her father makes a great salary, our financial aid is no longer eligible and are now only a fraction of what we previously had. This was taken into consideration during our custody case and her father now has to pay 70% of the yearly tuition, based on our income ratio and other factors.

    This worked out for a while until last month, when he reached out and brought up enrolling her into the public school system. I asked why and he told me that since we were both parents we both get a say in making decisions for her. He claims that since I made the decision to enrol her before he was around, now that he was involved it should be re-evaluated together 'parent to parent'.

    I told him that with all the changes she's experiences this past year, keeping this one constant in her life is only beneficial and supported by her therapist and other support systems. I told him if he was unhappy with the arrangement, he could take it up with the courts but I wasn't going to do it 'parent to parent'. He called me difficult but when I asked if it was for financial reasons, he said no and it was about making decisions together. He chose to not pursue it in court but when she got back from her fathers last week, she was on the verge of tears and asked me if she would have to move schools. AITA for sending my daughter to a private school even though her father doesn't wants me too?

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