Albums You're Guaranteed To Find In Every Parent's CD Collection

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Whether you're hanging at your best friend's house, taking a peek at your aunt's record collection, or rifling through the glove box in your dad's car, the results are always the same: you find those few albums every parent owns. It seems like the exact same mix of early 2000s albums and classic records filled up every CD tower and drawer. These guitar rock albums and soft contemporary hits probably provided the soundtrack to your childhood, before you got your own taste in music and had enough allowance to buy some discs yourself.

To be fair, some of the CDs in your parent's collection are probably among the greatest albums of all time. Who doesn't love Michael Jackson's Thriller, or the the Beatles' top hits? But some of these albums beloved by your mom or dad might make you cringe. Sure, you love them, but it's awkward to watch your parents throw on Abba and attempt some '80s-inspired moves.

How do these albums get into each parent's collection? Who knows! However they end up in that CD rack, it's time to celebrate the music your mom listens to and the CDs your dad loves.

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