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The Coolest Stories Behind Famous Alcohol Logos and Mascots

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Behind every famous alcohol is an identifiable logo. Some brands fade as years go by, but others never change and the best backstories of alcohol logos and mascots show how brands stand the test of time. From animals to pirates, these stories inspire brand loyalty and make you want to drink right up.

Ever wonder why Bacardi's logo is a bat or if the pirate on the Captain Morgan bottle is real? Alcohol logo stories bring our favorite alcohols to life and are sometimes one of the more interesting things about the alcohol itself. Read up on these cool alcohol brand mascot stories and vote up those that make you say "cheers to that!"
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    Don't Forget to Bring the Wild Turkey Bourbon

    When your friend brings a jug of undiluted, high-proof bourbon on your annual wild turkey hunt, you almost HAVE to call it Wild Turkey. That's exactly how the bourbon got its name, in 1940, after the distillery executive shared the new brew with his pals during a hunt.
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    The Budweiser Clydesdales Were a "Prohibition Is Over!" Gift

    The origin of Clydesdales as alcohol brand mascots for Budweiser began with a gift from sons to their father, celebrating the end of prohibition. A horse-drawn beer wagon was arranged to roll through New York City to the Empire State Building. The wagon toured New England, the Middle Atlantic, and stopped in Washington, D.C. The six-horse team grew to eight and the horses were given a mascot of their own: a Dalmatian. A mascot for your mascots? Today's Clydesdales still travel with their dog.
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    Beefeater Gin Guards Your Drink

    Beefeater Gin Guards Your Drink
    Photo: epicbeer / flickr
    You've seen them before. Those funny-looking British guards who don't move even if you taunt them endlessly, as they wish you a slow and painful death. But the Beefeater Yeoman Warder on your gin bottle is here to help guard your drink. Yeomen Warders are the ceremonial guarders of the Tower of London, as well as the Crown Jewels. Their sole responsibility is to prevent prisoners from escaping and robbers from swiping the royal rubies. In the case of your liquor bottle, the gin is your crown jewels and the Beefeater is there to make sure no one sneaks any gin and tonics from your private stash.
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    St. Pauli's Girl Is Sober, But Also a Prostitute

    St. Pauli's Girl Is Sober, But Also a Prostitute
    Photo: Jessie Pearl / flickr
    St. Pauli's may not f*ck you up, but if you're into animated blonde models, you'll still enjoy yourself. Pauli's girl looks just like any German beer girl you can probably find around Oktoberfest. But the truth is, she isn't just your local bartender. St. Pauli's Girl is actually a sex worker from Hamburg's red light district. The non-alcoholic beer company came up with the conception for Pauli's girl by modeling her after a spokesperson. Since then, the company has modeled Pauli's girl in the likeness of various Playboy models. If you've got to give up one vice, might as well pick another.
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