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"Alex Cross" movie quotes bring to action the high-powered action of the film based on the character of the same name from the James Patterson series of novels. The crime thriller, directed by Rob Cohen, was given a release date of October 19, 2012, in the United States.

In "Alex Cross," Tyler Perry, in his first lead film role not as the director, writer and producer, plays the title character, Dr. Alex Cross, a criminal profiler and psychologist. After taking a job with the FBI, Alex Cross is brought in on a serial killer case. But this isn't just any case, this killer is all about torturing his victims, even so far as killing one from pure shock alone.

Alex Cross builds a profile of this killer, Picasso (Matthew Fox), learning that he isn't just highly skilled from his military background but also a cage fighter in top physical shape. As Alex Cross and his team, including characters played by Rachel Nichols, Edward Burns and John C. McGinley, hunt Picasso, the fight becomes extremely personal when Picasso takes out someone extremely close to Alex igniting an all-out war. Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito and Cicely Tyson co-star in this blockbuster.

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Textbook Psychology

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Picasso: "You're being disrespectful, very disrespectful and I don't like that, not at all. I'm a professional."
Alex Cross: "What do you call that little run-in last night?"
Picasso: "Dr. Cross, you're taking this personally."
Alex Cross: "Yeah about as personal as you took running out of that building with your tail tucked between your legs."
Picasso: "That job I can finish on another day."
Alex Cross: "But failure has to be difficult for a guy like you. So how did you punish yourself? Was it wire under your fingernails?"
Picasso: "Textbook psychology, Dr. Cross? Seriously, textbook. By the way, your wife looks stunning!"

When Alex Cross tries to play head shrink to Picasso, the attempt is fruitless as Picasso sees right through it. That's not all he sees however as right in his crosshairs is Alex's wife.
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Gates of Hell

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Nana Mama: "Don't you try placating me. You're going to go out there and get yourself killed."
Alex Cross: "That ain't gonna happen."
Nana Mama: "So you'll gun him down and you do that, you go home, you get up the next day and then what? Don't you walk out that door. You walk out of here tonight how you gonna walk back in? How you gonna look your children in the eye? What will you say to them? I know what's going on in your heart but you can't do this."
Alex Cross: "He won't stop. I've seen his face. I've heard his voice. I will always be a threat to him. Don't you understand that? But I will meet his soul at the gates of hell before I let him take anther person from me that I love."

After facing serious personal ramifications from Picasso's killings, Alex Cross prepares an all-out war. His mother however urges him to rethink what he is about to do.
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You're in My Way

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Nana Mama: "I saw the way you and Tommy were looking at each other. I know what you are up to. I loved her, like she was my own daughter. Do I need to tell you this? Look at cha, self-appointed judge, jury and executioner."
Alex Cross: "Mama, either you step aside or you go back up those stairs but you're in my way."

Once again acting as the voice of reason, Nana Mama tries to stop Alex from going after this obvious psychopath. He's not close to listening though urging her to move or get out of the way.
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He's Focused

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Alex Cross: "He's ex-military, special forces judging by his tactics, trying to make somebody hurt, wants somebody to pay, wants to make the world suffer. This guy, he's checking out the list, he's focused. He's got a clear path."

Alex Cross continues to profile Picasso as he remains actively killing. Alex sees Picasso as highly skilled yet broken and looking for revenge.
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