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A-Rod is quite possibly one of the most controversial baseball players to ever pick up a bat, and not just because of the whole steroid thing. Everywhere you look, Alex Rodriguez sex life information is splashed across gossip columns. Not that anyone is complaining. All of Rodriguez’s wild sex parties and alleged bathroom mishaps are what make him an interesting person. Other than those dreamy eyes, he looks kind of like a square, so it’s exciting to know that there’s so much Alex Rodriguez NSFW information on the web. If you’re ready to learn way too much about Rodriguez and his A-Rod, then keep reading to find out some TMI facts.

It’s no secret that there have a been a lot of Alex Rodriguez girlfriends, or that he cycles through babes like he’s trying on t-shirts, but do you know why he was kicked out of one of the classiest apartments in Manhattan? Or have you heard about his favorite stripper? You’re going to be glad that you read this list of Alex Rodriguez sexy info the next time you’re at a Yankees game and a baseball asking for your phone number pops up into the stands. (You'll learn what that means later.)

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He Can Score Anywhere

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Who needs a firm bed when you've got a women's bathroom and a partner without any toilet-based phobias? At least that's what A-Rod must have thought when he was busted in the ladies' room at the Delano Hotel in Miami with a mystery brunette who wasn't his then-girlfriend, Torrie Wilson. Allegedly, Rodriguez and the mystery person where in the bathroom for 20 minutes. 
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He and Kate Hudson's Love Life Was Like "Animal Planet"

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Maybe they were eating gazelles in bed, or snapping at elephants at watering holes, but while they were dating Kate Hudson described her sex life with A-Rod as being "like Animal Planet."
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He Has a Favorite Stripper

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Who doesn't?! According to the NY Daily News, Joslyn Morse is not only Rodriguez's favorite stripper, but she keeps up with the player's off-the-field lifestyle. There was even a possibility of Morse being called in to testify in his divorce proceeding to discuss his love of ladies of the pole. 

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When It Comes to Prostitutes, He Goes Big and Goes Home

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According to a tell-all book from Michael Gross, Rodriguez is a big fan of prostitutes, and he usually hooks up with them two at a time. The book says, "he had two go up, they came down and left, and 10 minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in."
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