Weird History

Alfred Hitchcock Had A Complicated Relationship With Tippi Hedren While Filming 'The Birds'

The year 2017 has seen an awakening of sorts, as Hollywood and the fans that support it have become suddenly aware of the horrific acts of sexual assault that have been occurring behind the scenes for years at the hands of monsters like Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., and others. Most believe these revelations have been a long time coming, but that timeframe may be even longer than many would assume, because Hollywood abuse goes at least as far back as Alfred Hitchcock and The Birds. This collaboration with star Tippi Hedren is renowned as one of the best Alfred Hitchcock movies and one of the scariest films of its time - but it turns out the director’s behavior on that set, and subsequently on the set of the film Marnie, may have been the real horror story.

Although Tippi Hedren has been open in the past about everything she endured while filming The Birds, the behind-the-scenes details are just now coming to light. Emboldened by a newly-woke entertainment industry, Hedren wants her story known, in hopes that the truth will encourage others to share their harrowing tales.