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All Alfred Hitchcock Cameos

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Alfred Hitchcock was making cameo appearances in his movies way before Stan Lee made it cool (and Lee obviously didn't direct any of those Marvel movies). We've gathered all the cameos Alfred Hitchcock made in his movies, from hit films like Psycho, Rear Window, Dial M For Murder, Vertigo, The Birds, North by Northwest, and Rebecca to the lesser known films like Frenzy, Lifeboat, Foreign Correspondent, and Torn Curtain. Every Hitchcock cameo is here for your perusal and reference - how many had you already spotted?

Hitch was a master at blending suspense and mystery with a touch of comedy. His cameos often helped provide a moment of levity in an otherwise tense story that was unfolding before an audience. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars worked with Hitchcock like Cary Grant, Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, James Stewart, Laurence Olivier, and Doris Day.

Some of Hitchcock's movie cameos are tough to find as he blends into the background or into a crowd. Sometimes, it can be tough to find him because the scene was shot so wide, or the lighting is really dark. Other times, his appearances are about as short as a Ronda Rousey fight. Regardless, we've gathered all of Alfred Hitchcock's film cameos here for you to vote on, and included screenshots as well!