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Photos Of Alfred Hitchcock As You've Never Seen Him Before

It goes without saying Alfred Hitchcock is one of the great filmmakers of all time, and among the best popular artists of the 20th century. He's one of the few directors to have what's essentially a genre named after him (Hitchcockian, Fellini-esqueTaratino-esque, Spielbergian, and Kubrickian are the others that come to mind). From the tone of his films to his appearances on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the director created an image for himself as a droll, darkly comedic master of the macabre, a man very different from the one you might see in the candid Alfred Hitchcock photos presented on this list. 

If you've ever wondered what Alfred Hitchcock in real life was like, you're in luck. The pictures of Hitchcock compiled here show him socializing with actors, goofing around, dining with his family, and even getting married. As with many historical Hollywood photos, they expose a side to screen legends not often seen, thanks to the extreme control over public image exerted by studios and publicists. Check out these photos of Alfred Hitchcock just being himself, and leave a comment below with your favorite of his films, if you're so inclined. 

  • Getting Ready To Slice Some Cheese, 1978

    Photo: Tom Nebbia / Corbis via Getty Images
  • With Wife Alma Reville At Their Wedding In December 1926, When Both Were 27

    Photo: Hulton Deutsch / Corbis via Getty Images
  • Yucking It Up With Janet Leigh On The Set Of 'Psycho'

    Photo: George Rinhart / Corbis via Getty Images
  • With Actresses Sally Stewart, Margaret Lockwood, And Googie Withers, Promoting 'The Lady Vanishes' In 1938

    Photo: John Springer Collection / Corbis via Getty Images