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Alfred Pennyworth Might Be Batman's Biggest Villain 

Tucker DeSaulnier
Updated November 22, 2019 87.5k views

Batman has the coolest rogues' gallery of any major superhero. It's a murderers' row of the most fearsome, colorful, and inventive villains in comics, from the obvious (Joker) to the subterranean (Solomon Grundy). And Batman has sent them all packing to Arkham Asylum. What if there's been an even worse bad guy all along?

And what if he's Bruce Wayne's closest confidant? What if he's been pulling a fast one on Master Bruce for decades? What if Gotham's greatest menace is the man who raised Bruce as a son? What if Alfred Pennyworth is much, much more than a butler or even a parental figure?

According to this elaborate theory, there was Wayne family drama unfolding even before Bruce was born. Namely, his mother Martha was carrying on an affair with the live-in butler, an affair that led to an illegitimate brother Bruce never knew. Thomas, meanwhile, was totally in the dark about the romance in his own ancestral mansion.

In this funhouse mirror version of the Batman mythos, Alfred is ultimately responsible for the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. If Alfred the seemingly loyal butler is, in fact, a nefarious villain, then another of the Dark Knight's greatest adversaries is actually Alfred's son and Bruce's half-brother. Watch the video below for the details, including the identity of Alfred's possible offspring.