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The Celebrity Exes Of Alia Shawkat

Updated November 18, 2019 1.3k views3 items

Alia Shawkat is most known for her role in the hit TV series Arrested Development. Since then, she has kept a low-key profile. But who has Alia Shawkat dated? Not much is known about the Alia Shawkat dating history, because she is so tight-lipped about her private life. 

Jack Antonoff was rumored to be one of the men Alia Shawkat dated. Has Alia Shawkat married? There is no record of an Alia Shawkat husband. In fact, it seems Alia Shawkat is single. Michael Angarano was reportedly another of the Alia Shawkat boyfriends. 

There aren’t many details regarding recent Alia Shawkat relationships. However, if you are curious about Alia Shawkat exes, continue reading below. This list details the people Alia Shawkat dated.