24 Memes About The 'Alien' Franchise That Had Laughter Bursting Out Of Our Chests

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The 'Alien' franchise has some of the best sci-fi/horror movies ever made. From the 4-film Ripley saga to the two-and-counting Fassbender movies (we don't talk about 'Alien vs Predator'), they're all great. Even the worst 'Alien' movie is better than most sci-fi movies. Fans of the franchise gather on the subreddit r/LV426 to post their favorite memes about the movies. Here are some of our favorites. 

Photo: u/Christian4423 / Reddit

  • 1. Don't Put Your Face Over These Cabbages

    Don't Put Your Face Over These Cabbages
    Photo: u/The_Beaner / Reddit
    247 votes
  • 2. Check Your Facts!

    Check Your Facts!
    Photo: u/[deleted] / Reddit
    249 votes
  • 3. A Perfect Review

    311 votes
  • 4. Co-Stars

    Photo: u/act1989 / Reddit
    192 votes
  • 5. Priorities

    Photo: u/Susan-Barrett / Reddit
    198 votes
  • 6. The Real Housewives Of LV-426

    The Real Housewives Of LV-426
    Photo: u/War3591 / Reddit
    181 votes