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Best Alien quotes, with movie clips, ranked by fans. Released in 1979, Alien was a groundbreaking thriller set in space that brought real fear from an enemy previously unrealized in a tangible form. Consistently called one of the best sci-fi movies ever (if not THE BEST of all time), Alien won an Academy Award for best visual effects and has since spawned several follow-up films (among them Alien 2, one of the greatest sequels ever) including the recent Ridley Scott Prometheus reboot.

This list of great movie quotes from Alien collects all of the most famous lines from the film in one place, allowing you to pick the top quotes and move them up the list. Quotations from movies are repeated all the time in other movies, on television, in speeches and in day-to-day life, so having a good knowledge of good movie quotes (and having resources useful to search movie quotes) have become essential. Many of the most notable quotes come from sources you may not even know about, some could even be the most memorable Alien quotes or come from some of the other most quotable movies of all time.

Repeatedly named one of the best movies of all time, Alien is an outer-space journey of an industrial ship woken from hyper-sleep by what they mistakenly receive as a distress signal. The film contains not only some of the greatest movie lines of all time but the greatest images to boot. Not surprisingly, the film won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects when it was released in 1979.

This list includes all the best Alien lines and moments, just as they appeared in the actual movie script. Whether they are funny quotes, sad quotes, quotes about love or death, all the most famous Alien quotes are here.
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We Won't Need Any Rocket

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Ripley: When we throw the switches, how long before the ship blows?
Parker: Ten minutes.
Ripley: No bulls**t?
Parker: We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space.
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Some Kind Of Parrot

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Ripley: Whenever he says *anything* you say "right," Brett, you know that?
Brett: Right.
Ripley: Parker, what do you think? Your staff just follows you around and says "right". Just like a regular parrot.
Parker: Yeah, shape up. What are you some kind of parrot?
Brett: Right.
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Don't Dare Kill It

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Dallas: I haven't seen anything like that except, uh, molecular acid.
Brett: It must be using it for blood.
Parker: It's got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don't dare kill it.
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Any Suggestions?

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Ripley: Ash. Any suggestions from you or Mother?
Ash: No, we're still collating.
Ripley: You're what? You're still collating? I find that hard to believe.
Ash: What would you like me to do?
Ripley: Just what you've been doing, Ash, nothing.
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