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10 Eerie Facts About The Alien Abduction Of Barney And Betty Hill

On September 19, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were on their way home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after enjoying a vacation in Canada. Traveling south from Montreal, the Hills passed through the town of Lancaster, New Hampshire, and were driving on a lonely stretch of US Route 3 through the White Mountains. The Hills were a quiet, middle-aged couple, but they had an experience that made international headlines. The debate about what really happened that night continues today.

According to the Hills, around 10:30 PM, they saw a mysterious light in the sky, moving strangely. As it got nearer, they recognized it as an "odd-shaped" craft - initially, Barney dismissed it as an airplane, but it didn't move at all like one. Eventually, the craft came so close they had to stop their car in the middle of the highway to confront it - and what happened next is chilling.

UFO sightings were nothing new in the 1960s, but the Hill abduction case remains one of the most elaborate, detailed, and compelling cases of all time.

  • Betty Suffered Strange, Recurring Nightmares After The Experience

    The Hills began to notice that some things weren't quite right after they got home, even though neither of them could remember exactly what happened. Betty had recurring nightmares in which she and her husband were stopped in the middle of the night on a deserted road, then taken away by odd-looking people.

    Barney, too, began to show signs of stress, including high blood pressure and ulcers, as well as developing a strange rash around his groin.

  • Peculiar Shiny Spots Appeared On Their Car

    The Hills found peculiar shiny spots on the trunk of their car that weren't there before they sighted the UFO. It looked as if the paint on the vehicle's exterior had been shined or buffed away. Even more puzzling was how a compass reacted when it was brought close to the concentric shapes. It didn't point in any specific direction, but spun around wildly instead. The needle slowed down when the compass was moved further away from the spots. This seemed to suggest that a powerful electromagnetic force was at work.

  • Their Clothing Was Torn And Battered, As Though They'd Been In A Struggle

    There was more physical evidence suggesting that the Hills were in a frightening altercation on that September night. Barney's dress shoes, which he wore during his tour of Canada, were in excellent shape when he and his wife crossed the US border. The next day, however, his shoes were almost unwearable. It was if they had been repeatedly dragged on a rough surface, and the couple were at a loss to explain this.

  • Betty's Dress Was Stained With An Unidentified Pink Substance

    Another odd aspect of this case was Betty's dress, which was new on the night of the abduction. When she returned home with Barney, her dress was torn from the waist to the hem. When Betty got home the night of the supposed abduction, she put her dress away in a drawer. When she went to retrieve it a few days later, she found it was covered with a pink powder, which stained the garment.

    The pink material has never been identified, but multiple laboratories have analyzed the dress and concluded that the material was not from Betty's own body (that is, it was not a body fluid like urine or vomit).