Unspeakable Times

Everything About Alissa Turney’s Case That Has Been Released To The Public

What happened to Alissa Turney? She went missing from her Phoenix, AZ, high school in 2001 at the age of 17, and nobody has seen her since. The Alissa Turney disappearance has remained a mystery since the early 2000s, and law enforcement has failed to crack the case. Investigators' jobs were made exponentially more difficult by the fact that the case wasn't actively investigated until five years after Turney's disappearance.

What originally appeared to be a runaway teen scenario is now widely considered a case of foul play, with multiple suspects considered over the years. Interviews with those close to Turney reveal a portrait of a complicated young woman who was intelligent and social, but whose personal life was much darker than many would guess. While no charges have been filed, her sister Sarah's theories point to their allegedly abusive stepfather, Mike Turney, as the likely culprit. Here are all of the details that have been released about Alissa Turney's confounding missing person case.