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Which Of The Thirteen Ghosts Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

So, who remembers Thirteen Ghosts (sometimes stylized as Thir13en Ghosts), the 2001 horror moving starring Tony Shalhoub and a whole mess of creepy spirits? It's a forgotten gem that strikes the perfect balance of scares and wacky action. In one scene, a jerk lawyer somehow gets sliced in half by a glass door and the front part of his body squeaks down the pane, revealing his bisected brain. It's gory and shocking, but also strangely funny, which is a perfect way to describe the tone of the movie.

The most interesting feature of Thirteen Ghosts, of course, is the eponymous group of merciless spirits that are released into the house and terrorize the unwitting family. All 13 are earthbound spirits chosen to represent a group called "the Black Zodiac," and each "sign" has its own distinguishing features. Among them are ghosts like "the Bound Woman," a cheerleader slayed by her jealous boyfriend on prom night, and "The Angry Princess," a woman who ended her own life after a botched self-surgery.

After getting to know all of the dark zodiac signs, the next natural thought is to wonder which of these ghosts coincides with the signs of the traditional zodiac. Find out which of the 13 ghosts you are based on your star sign.