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14 Things You Didn't Know About Kat Von D

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Kat Von D's story is a long, diverse, and interesting one. She first gained national attention on the reality TV shows Miami Ink and LA Ink. But she’s much more than just a tattoo artist and makeup mogul. Some things you didn’t know about Kat Von D, especially about her background and hobbies, will totally surprise you. If you consider yourself a Kat Von D fan or even just want some inspiration from one of the industry's savviest figures, check out these facts from behind the scenes with Kat Von D. They range from the story of her first tattoo to some of her most fundamental beliefs.

  • 1. She Hates The Kardashians

    Photo: Mariano Vivanco / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Despite becoming a household name through her reality TV shows, Kat Von D is not the biggest fan of the other queens of reality TV: the Kardashians. She told Fashion magazine:

    I think those girls are beautiful in their own right, but I think what they represent and the message they [portray] to people is really so awful... Teaching people that money, status, fame, who you’re f*cking and all that stuff is important, I think it’s awful. I don’t back that sh*t at all. When I look at a lot of their products and the things they put out into the world, I don’t see that quality that’s profound and speaks to my heart. I just see dollar signs.

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  • 2. She Gave Her First Tattoo At 14 And Dropped Out Of School At 16

    Photo: thekatvond / Instagram

    Kat dropped out of high school when she was 16 years old and got a job at the LA tattoo parlor Sin City Tattoo. But she started tattooing even earlier than that: She gave her first tattoo to a friend when she was just 14 years old.

    The tattoo was the Misfits band skull logo, and she reportedly made the tattoo machine out of a cassette player motor and a guitar string.

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  • 3. She Considers Herself A Renaissance Woman

    Photo: Andrew Stuart / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Kat Von D likes to dabble in lots of different artistic pursuits, and she doesn’t even fully consider herself a makeup or tattoo artist. Instead, Kat wants to do it all:

    I just want to do everything. I look at Salvador Dali and he is a perfect example of that. If people tell you you need to be a one trick pony, tell them to f*ck off. Dali did literature, poetry, paintings, he created makeup, designed furniture, he even had a cookbook…these are all things one man did. There’s no excuse for not being able to do that. I am not a makeup artist by any means, but I am a really huge fan of makeup and creating it. I am not a tattooer either, but I just do tattoos sometimes. I am not a fashion designer but I know how to make clothes and use sewing machines. It was just what I was meant to do, I am totally down. I don’t want to settle for only doing that, I want to do everything.

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  • 4. She's A Dedicated Vegan

    Photo: thekatvond / Instagram

    Kat Von D is an animal lover and an outspoken vegan. Her makeup products are all labeled as cruelty-free. In 2016, she announced that her makeup line was going to reformulate their products to become 100 percent vegan. This means that she even removed carmine, the pigment that comes from beetles.

    But she admits she has always hated the "vegan" label and resisted calling herself that for quite some time despite her practice. 

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