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12 Stories And Facts That Prove Shemar Moore Is A True Leading Man

Updated 17 Apr 2020 7.5k views12 items

Those glittering brown eyes, the chiseled features, the come-hither smile, and basso voice... Shemar Moore is hard not to look at. But there are plenty of stories about Shemar Moore that prove he is more than just a pretty face (and pretty body). From his gentility and easygoing nature to his fascinating life story, Moore is a man of profound depths.

Early in 2017, he left his role as Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, although he portrayed the character for an astonishing 11 years. For those who firmly believe that Shemar Moore's the greatest part of Criminal Minds, don't start pulling your hair out just yet. He's back on new series S.W.A.T. playing another law enforcement agent. To whatever roles he played or will play, we can be confident that Moore will bring his considerable talent, his multifaceted life experience, and his blindingly good looks.

Still not convinced that Shemar Moore is the best? Just read on.

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