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Everything You've Been Too Afraid To Ask About Squatty Potties

Updated October 11, 2018 4.6k views12 items

Do you ever just think, I’d really like to know more about that funky Squatty Potty thing? Well, you’re in luck. I’m here to tell you all about the Squatty Potty. Yes, everything you’re too shy, too weirded-out, or too afraid to ask about the Squatty Potty will be answered here.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Squatty Potty, it’s an invention used to elevate your feet while you’re on the toilet. The claim is that it creates the optimal angle for doing your business, which leads to lifelong colon health. This may sound like another goofy “As Seen on TV” product, but there is scientific evidence that backs up the claims. In fact, there’s so much evidence that Squatty Potty even won an investment while on ABC's Shark Tank.

While Shark Tank features many cool inventions, not every product makes it. For the judges to invest in something, the contestants must not only present an interesting invention, but they must also present a market for said product. The intense pressure put on the contestants can often result in a breakdown. But the Squatty Potty team kept their cool and walked away with a cool $350,000 investment. Now, they are one of Shark Tank’s true success stories.

Want to know more about how the Squatty Potty is revolutionizing the bathroom? Below is everything anyone would ever want to know about this nifty little product.

  • Squatty Potty Is A Shark Tank Success Story

    The Edwards team appeared on Shark Tank in an effort to raise funding for the expansion of the Squatty Potty. After receiving funding ($350,000 in exchange for 10% of the company) and benefiting from the television exposure, Squatty Potty took off. Within two days of the episode airing, they sold $1 million in Squatty Potties.

    Just three months after the episode, the Squatty Potty sales were at $12.3 million. Not too shabby for the Squatty Potty.

  • They Released A Viral Video In Which A Unicorn Poops Rainbow Ice Cream

    The true success of Squatty Potty may actually be attributed to the viral video they released. Originally, there weren’t too many people on the Squatty Potty team who believed in this video commercial. Robert Edwards came up with the idea, but both Robert’s parents and Lori Greiner (their Shark Tank investor) thought the video was a bad idea.

    The commercial itself features a unicorn that poops rainbow ice cream, children who eat said ice cream, and a medieval prince explaining how the Squatty Potty works. So, in truth, it's easy to understand why Lori and Robert's parents didn't immediately jump on board.

  • Following The Viral Unicorn Video, Their Sales Exploded By 600%

    If you want to increase sales, just make a video that features a unicorn pooping out rainbow ice cream. No, seriously, the Squatty Potty took off after this video was released. The video itself has racked up over 32 million views in just two years and the direct result of this video was a 600% increase in sales.

    They’ve since released an auto-tuned version called “The Best Poop Of Your Life.” This video also went viral, gaining over 100,000 Facebook shares. Of the successful unicorn-rainbow-poop formula, Edwards says, “I thought the unicorn video had the recipe to be a viral success, but I didn't know it would become a phenomenon.”

  • They Followed That Up With A Video Of A Dragon Pooping Gold

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, that’s Squatty Potty’s approach to marketing. In October 2017 they released another video with the same exact concept: talking about pooping with mythological creatures. This time, they used a dragon who poops out gold.

    The fact that Squatty Potty has found a fun way to a market their product is what truly makes them stand out. One can only imagine how difficult it may be to make the Squatty Potty seem like a cool, must-have product, but they did it.