The All-Around Best Athletes of 2018

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The best all-around athletes in their respective sports. Vote based on their 2018 performance only.

When it comes to being an all-around best athlete, you're not just talking about the leading scorers of all time, or the best quarterbacks. An all-around great athlete offers the best of both worlds. Whether that's being a league leader on offense and defense, or finishing first in the both the 100 and 1000-meter race, all-around athletes are certainly not one-trick ponies. In more rare cases, all-around athletes even transition from sport to sport, dominating in any. Here on this list, however, is a round up of the best in their sport. So, who are your picks for the best all-around athletes of 2018?

From offensive and defensive powerhouse and NBA star Lebron James to the home-run-slugging and play-making Aaron Judge, the sports world has seen some serious all-around talent in 2018. But these big names aren't the only athletes making waves in their sports, as players like Kevin Durant and Nolan Arenado (respectively) are both giving them a run for their money. Of course, we can't forget stars of the NHL, top soccer players, tennis players, track-and-field greats, and so on. 

On that note, take a look at the list of all-around best athletes below, and vote up those you think have performed best throughout 2018. Feel free to add any missing athletes to the list.

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