The Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters, Ranked

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Vote for the best Attack on Titan characters, no matter how big of a role they played in the show.

Here is every Attack on Titan character from the popular 2013 anime series, listed from best to worst by fans of the anime series. AOT is without a doubt one of the most popular anime series that is currently still running. Aside from stunning visuals and its horrifying tone, the characters in Attack on Titan are really what makes the show special. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are the real stars of the show, but Attack on Titan has a great lineup of secondary characters that really add depth to the series, such as Captain Levi, Erwin, Petra, Connie, and many others.

Many of the AOT characters on this list end up dead, but that's to be expected for a show that's about giant monsters who are relentlessly attacking the humans within their walls. For this poll we're letting you vote your favorite characters from Attack on Titan, so gives a thumbs up to the ones you like, and vote down the ones that you could have done without.  

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