List of All Berserk Characters, Best to Worst

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Vote for your favorite Berserk character, no matter how big of a role they play in the show.
List of all characters from the anime Berserk, ranked from best to worst by fans. A true classic from the late 90's, Berserk is the premiere Medieval anime series in a genre that is fairly sparse. We want you to vote for the best Berserk characters in your opinion, no matter if they're a hero, villain, secondary character or anything else. The show is mostly about humans, but there are episodes with supernatural ghosts and monsters that appear in the show as well. Following the story of the monstrously strong Guts as he joins the legendary Band of the Hawk, Berserk features insane battles, romantic elements and inspiring displays of friendship and comradery. Wielding a giant sword the size of a human's body, Guts even takes on 100 people by himself in one episode. Whether you're a fan of Guts, Casca, Griffith, or anyone else, vote for your favorite Berserk character on this poll.
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  • Guts
    3,382 votes
  • Skull Knight
    2,621 votes

    Skull Knight

  • Judeau
    2,240 votes
  • Casca
    2,275 votes