All 14 Big Ten Schools

This list of all the Big Ten schools will let you know which fourteen colleges and universities are in the Big 10 Conference (confusing, innit?). These schools compete in Division I of the NCAA, which includes many of America's largest colleges and universities, especially those with major research facilities. Several Big 10 schools are renowned for their famous and successful football programs. Established in 1896, B1G is the oldest Division 1 collegiate conference in the US, originally set up to regulate intercollegiate athletics. 

What schools are in the Big Ten Conference, AKA B1G? How many teams in the Big 10? Initially made of of ten schools, the conference now has 14 members that span from the states of New Jersey (Rutgers University, who joined in 2014) to Nebraska (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), and all the midwestern states in between, from Minnesota and Illinois to Maryland. What universities play in the Big Ten? By definition, Division I schools are allowed to offer athletic scholarships. The NCAA (originally known as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association) was originally founded in 1906 to make collegiate sports safer due to the growing number of injuries and deaths occurring out on the field. Suffice to say, college sports are much safer today due to the NCAA's efforts.

This list of Big Ten schools includes institutions like Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State University. Looking to attend a Big 10 school or see if your favorite team plays in this conference? Look no further than this list.