The Best Bob's Burgers Characters

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All minor and major characters from Bob's Burgers. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others.

List of the best Bob's Burgers characters, with pictures and character bios when available. With so many funny Bob's Burgers characters, it's tough to say who the greatest really is without everybody weighing in on the discussion. Vote for your favorite Bob's Burgers characters and help make this list the ultimate source for who the best characters of the show are. Bob's Burgers character roles from every season are included, along with the names of the actors who play them.

This list of Bob's Burgers character names includes favorites like Tina Belcher, Gene Belcher and Bob Belcher, but plenty of great side characters like Tammy Larson and Jimmy Pesto are here as well. You can click each image for a larger picture of the character, and in some cases you can click the character's name for a more detailed description.

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    Louise Belcher

    Donning a distinctive pink bunny ears hat, she is the youngest of the Belcher clan and keeps audiences cackling with her wild imagination and mischievous schemes. Despite her apparent lack of empathy, she often showcases vulnerability and a deep-rooted loyalty to her family. Her wide spectrum of emotions and witty one-liners make her an unforgettable character on the show.

  • Bob Belcher
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    Bob Belcher

    As the titular character, he brings a relatable, down-to-earth quality to the screen with his loving, yet exasperated, parental approach to his wacky family. His devotion to his restaurant and culinary skills reveal his passion for creating memorable meals, while also serving as a metaphor for his commitment to his family. His sarcastic humor and occasional existential crises resonate with viewers, making him a favorite among fans.

  • Linda Belcher
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    Linda Belcher

    Filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm, she encapsulates what it means to be a supportive mother and loving wife. She injects life into each episode with her catchy improvised songs and unabashedly flamboyant behavior. Her unwavering optimism and infectious spirit make her a captivating character throughout the series.

  • Tina Belcher
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    Tina Belcher

    Her awkwardness and fascination with butts make her a relatable and endearing character as the eldest Belcher sibling. She’s an aspiring writer whose erotic friend fiction and obsession with zombies provide comic relief in many episodes. Despite her introverted nature, she often displays confidence, proving that there's more to her than meets the eye.

  • Gene Belcher
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    With his keyboard in hand, he never misses an opportunity to add sound effects or musical flair to any situation. His creativity and unpredictability keep audiences guessing, and his gender-nonconforming tendencies make him a groundbreaking character in animation. As a whirlwind of quirkiness, he has a knack for spontaneously charming fans.

    • Actor: Eugene Mirman
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  • Teddy
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    A lovable, yet slightly clueless, handyman who frequents Bob's restaurant, he often provides an outsider's perspective on the Belchers' antics. His loyalty to Bob and his constant misadventures make him a beloved foil to the family's chaos. His unyielding optimism in the face of failure is both heartwarming and inspiring.

    • Actor: Larry Murphy
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