The Best Buffalo Bills Quarterbacks of All Time

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Big fan of Buffalo football? Then check out this list of Buffalo Bills quarterbacks! It includes every starting quarterback from throughout Buffalo Bills history, including current quarterbacks and past ones. This roster contains many American football greats, players in the game with the highest ratings in the NFL. The QB is the leader of the offensive team, the one who often calls the plays. Although most teams use an offensive coordinator now, QBs still need to know the intricacies of the rules for trick plays and tactics. Vigorous training is a must—and don't forget that a quarterback is only as good as his receivers.

Featuring some of the greatest  Buffalo Bills and NFL quarterbacks of all time, the best Bills QBs include Jim Kelly, Josh Allen, Tyrod Taylor, Doug Flutie, and Joe Ferguson, among many other greats.

Who are the best quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history? Here is every athlete who's ever held the illustrious position of Buffalo Bills quarterback. Vote up and help decide who is the best Bills QB of all time!

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