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List of All Campione! Characters, Best to Worst

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Vote for your favorite Campione! character, no matter how big of a role they play in the show.
List of all Campione! characters, including main characters, heroes, villains, and more. Pick the best characters from the anime series Campione! and give them upvotes so they rise to the top of the list. Campione! chronicles the supernatural battles of the legendary godslayers. Accidental hero Godou Kusanagi and his harem of Erica Blandelli, Lillian Kranjcar, Yuri Mariya and Ena Seishun stumble from one earth-shaking battle to the next. They never get a break from stopping the rampages of rogue gods and the challenges of rival godslayers. Who is your favorite character? Vote for Godou and his team of witches and shrine maidens. Alternatively, Choose one of his many rivals or one of the nearly unstoppable rogue deities. Pick the top characters here!
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