List of All Case Closed Characters, Best to Worst

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Here is every character from the anime series Case Closed, ranked from best to worst. The series is arguably one of the best detective anime of all time, and has been running new episodes for almost 20 years. The series stars child detective Conan Edogawa, who is the alter ego of famous high school detective Jimmy Kudo. He was accidentally reverted to childhood one night when he was investigating a mysterious deal while at an amusement park with his quasi-girlfriend Rachel Moore. But his pint-sized body does not shrink his passion for justice! This series is loved for its off the wall shenanigans as much as its great whodunits. Pick your favorite Case Closed characters! Are you fondest of the famous detectives, the police, Conan's elementary school detective squad or the outrageous criminals he does battle with? Make your views known and upvote them!
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