List of All Cuphead Bosses Ranked Best to Worst

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In 2017, the indie run-and-gun shooter Cuphead made it's highly anticipated debut, and boy did it deliver. If you had to choose one, who would you say is your favorite boss from Cuphead? There are definitely a lot of great boss battles in Cuphead, so for this list we're going to rank every Cuphead boss from best to worst. Featuring all of the hardest bosses in Cuphead and its DLC, The Delicious Last Course, every boss on this list is ranked by difficulty, and design. 

Challenging boss fights are a big part of Cuphead, as players take on foes like Goopy Le Grande, Cala Maria, and even King Dice himself. If you're going to conquer them, you better have quick reaction time (seriously, you're going to be dodging an insane amount of projectiles.)

What exactly makes for a good boss battle? You can rate these Cuphead bosses in terms of challenge-level, creativity, and overall fun. Maybe you just think they look cool, or have unique abilities that you've never seen before. Whatever the reason, vote up your favorite boss battles from Cuphead, including mini-bosses when applicable.

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  • King Dice

    King Dice

    393 votes

    All Bets Are Off!

  • The Devil

    The Devil

    331 votes

    Inkwell Hell

  • Phantom Express

    Phantom Express

    309 votes

    Railroad Wrath; Includes Blind Specter, T-Bone, Blaze Brothers and Head of the Train

  • Grim Matchstick

    Grim Matchstick

    361 votes

    Fiery Frolic

  • Chef Saltbaker

    Chef Saltbaker

    70 votes

    A Dish To Die For

  • Beppi The Clown

    Beppi The Clown

    314 votes

    Carnival Kerfuffle