Every Soul Crushing 'Dark Souls 2' Boss Ranked

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We are ranking every boss from Dark Souls 2! Featuring every boss from the main storyline to optional bosses to even DLC bosses, this list has them all! If you had to choose one, who would you say is the hardest boss from Dark Souls 2? The titular successor to Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 increases the difficulty in a number of ways one of which was increasing the number of boss encounters, this alone arguably makes it one of the best Soulsborne games of all time. There are a lot of great boss battles in Dark Souls 2, and there are definitely of painfully difficult boss encounters that are arguably some of the hardest bosses in the entire Soulsborne series.

The hardest Dark Souls 2 boss are difficult due to their large damage dealing move-set, aggressive nature, and their unique arena where they can showcase why they should never be taken lightly. Bosses like Sir Alonne, and Old Dragonslayer are known for their precise attacks and dangerous combo attacks that can send players back to the bonfire within minutes. Meanwhile bosses like Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg & Cera the Old Explorer and the Ruin Sentinels are notorious in the Dark Souls community for outnumbering the player in sheer numbers and powerful attacks that is sure to stagger players. Which Dark Souls 2 boss do you think is the hardest?

Vote up your favorite and most difficult boss battles from Dark Souls 2 and be sure to check out the 12 hardest Dark Souls 2 bosses of all time!

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  • Fume Knight

    Fume Knight

    122 votes

    Location: Brume Tower

  • Burnt Ivory King

    Burnt Ivory King

    14 votes

    Location: The Old Chaos

  • Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

    Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

    14 votes

    Location: Dragon's Rest

  • Blue Smelter Demon

    Blue Smelter Demon

    21 votes

    Location: Iron Passage

  • Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

    Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

    15 votes

    Location: Undead Crypt

  • Ruin Sentinels

    Ruin Sentinels

    13 votes

    Location: Lost Bastille