List of All Dead Rising 2 Bosses Ranked Best to Worst

If you had to choose one, who would you say is your favorite boss from Dead Rising 2? There are definitely a lot of great boss battles in Dead Rising 2, so for this list we're going to rank every Dead Rising 2 boss from best to worst.

What exactly makes for a good boss battle? You can rate these Dead Rising 2 bosses in terms of challenge-level, creativity, and overall fun. Maybe you just think they look cool, or have unique abilities that you've never seen before. Whatever the reason, vote up your favorite boss battles from Dead Rising 2, including mini-bosses when applicable.

Ranked by
  • Antoine Thomas
    26 votes

    Antoine Thomas

    Food Court - Cucina Donnacci

  • Seymour Redding
    25 votes

    Seymour Redding

    South Plaza

  • Brent Ernst
    27 votes

    Brent Ernst

    Kid's Choice Clothing in Palisades Mall

  • Evan MacIntyre
    23 votes

    Evan MacIntyre

    Outside Fortune City Arena

  • Carl Schliff
    20 votes

    Carl Schliff

    Royal Flush Plaza - The Man's Sport, 

  • Roger Withers
    21 votes

    Roger Withers

    Atlantica Casino Magic Stage