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The Best Death Note Characters

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Vote for your favorite Death Note character, no matter how big of a role they play in the show. No characters from the films are included!

If you have an absolute favorite Death Note character, here is your chance to make your voice heard! This is a list of every Death note character, ranked from best to worst by how many votes they receive from anime fans like you. Regarded as one of the best anime series of all time, the supernatural detective series Death Note boasts an array of amazing characters that really make the series what it is. The brilliant cat and mouse game between Light Yagami and famed detective L is the highlight of the series, but there are so many other amazing characters that are regarded as fan favorites.

Shinigami Ryuk and the empty-minded Misa add great comedy elements to the show, and others like Cheif Yagami and Aizawa balance that with a more serious tone of justice and courage. Then of course there are the young minds of Near and Mello, who appear later in the series but still add an enormous impact to the plot. If you find yourself coming back to the series because you miss these characters, you can watch more shows like Death Note. You can vote for as many of your favorite characters as you want on this poll, as go nuts and let us know who the best Death Note characters of all time are!

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