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Every Villain in Disney Movie History

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Here is a list of all the villains created by Disney. This list of Disney bad guys are featured as official Disney villains in Disney productions. Many of these characters make popular villain Halloween costumes. These Disney enemies names have made a mark as great villainous Disney characters. This list is sorted alphabetically, making it easier for you to copy and start a list of your own Disney enemy list. Take a look at this Disney villains list!

What are some the greatest villains in Disney history? Our favorite characters have had to battle foes and most of the times, then enemies come up short in the classic battle between good and evil. Evil Disney characters!

Enjoy this list of Disney villains, full of the most villainous of all Disney villains.

  • Am1
  • Amos Slade2
  • Si3
  • Aunt Sarah4
  • Big Bad Wolf5
  • Captain Hook6

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  • Chernabog7
  • Cruella de Vil8

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  • Edgar Balthazar9
  • Judge Claude Frollo10
  • Gaston11

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  • Pluto12
  • Hopper13



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  • Horned King14
  • Jafar15

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  • Shere Khan16

    Shere Khan


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  • Kaa17

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  • Lady Tremaine18
  • Madame Medusa19
  • Maleficent20

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  • Pete21
  • Sir Hiss22
  • Prince John23
  • Queen24

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  • Queen of Hearts25

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