The Best Doctor Movies

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Movies must feature doctors or people in the medical profession.

The best doctor movies heal our movie watching needs. Here is a list of good doctor movies, including films about medicine, medical discoveries, and the lives of doctors & nurses. A lot of the titles on this doctor movies list portray a doctor who is trying to find a treatment for someone they love. Movies about doctors appeal to a lot of people because they teach us about medicine and give us a glimpse into an interesting world that we may not know a lot about. There are also medical comedy movies on this list about famous doctors like Patch Adams. You'll also find doctor thrillers such as The Fugitive and John Q. But which of these Dr. films should be at the top of the list?

What's the best movie about doctors? Which one is your favorite? Scan this doctor movie list and vote for your favorites or add any that may not be included here. Every doctor movie ever made is listed here and you are able to sort them by their column headers. The doctor films list can be imported to create your own personalized doctor films list. If you know of any movies about doctors that aren't on the list of films with doctors, make sure to add it.

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