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Easter Eggs From Every Marvel Movie

List RulesAll the Marvel Easter Eggs you missed the first time around in the top Marvel movies.

All Marvel movies have hidden Easter Eggs in them. Sometimes you have to be paying close attention or you'll miss them. Marvel movie Easter Eggs fit into the best Marvel movies just as well as mutants, irradiated spiders, and Avengers. The absolute best way to please both the diehard comic fan and the casual movie-goer alike is to sneak in these hidden Easter eggs to characters and things that may not directly work on screen.

Easter Eggs in movies are also a clever way to tie a universe together (sometimes separate universes in some cases due to copyright), or to foreshadow or throwback to prior movies without seeming redundant.

Which are the best Marvel movie Easter Eggs? Did you miss Captain America's shield Easter Egg in the first Iron Man? How about the samurai swords hanging in Wolverine's apartment in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which nodded to his samurai history better than his origin movie? Did you have to rewind your The Incredible Hulk DVD to catch the Lou Ferrigno cameo?

Simply put some of the best movie Easter Eggs can be found in Marvel films. In this Marvel movies Easter Eggs list, we've found almost all Marvel movie goodies referencing to some of the best things found in Marvel Comics universe. So take a peek at some great hidden Easter Eggs in movies you may have missed, then rewatch some of these amazing movies in a whole new way.

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    Bruce Banner: Science Pioneer- Spider-Man: Homecoming

    One of Peter Parker’s classrooms in Spider-Man: Homecoming features posters of several pioneering scientists—including Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk himself.

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    Principal Morita’s Ancestry- Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Peter Parker’s principal in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Principal Morita, who has a photo in his office of his grandfather Jim Morita, a Howling Commando who served with Captain America in The First Avenger. Actor Kenneth Choi portrayed both characters.

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    Nathaniel Pietro Barton- Avengers: Age Of Ultron

    Hawkeye’s newest child, born during the events of Age of Ultron, is briefly spotted near the end of the film, and his shirt reveals an easter egg of a name: Nathaniel Pietro Barton, in honor of the man who saved Clint Barton’s life, Pietro Maximoff.

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    Pulp Fiction Exists in the MCU - Captain America: Winter Soldier

    Nick Fury's tombstone reads, "The Path of the Righteous Man, Ezekiel 25:17" which is the same speech Samuel L. Jackson preached before killing motherF%c$er's in Pulp Fiction.

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