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The Wildest Evil Batmen From DC’s ‘Metal’ Universe

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Usually, when DC wants to put a spin on one of its popular heroes, they appear in an Elseworlds tale, or on an alternate Earth far removed from the main universe. Usually, that is, until DC gave comic book creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo free license to do whatever the hell they wanted with new, evil versions of Batman.

The series Dark Nights: Death Metal, and its accompanying one-shots, introduced the world to a horde of alternate Batmen who are anything but good. Dark Nights features every kind of Batman imaginable - and yes, that includes a dinosaur version. All told, there were 14 new evil Batmen introduced within the series.

Of all the evil Batmen, one must arise as the most "metal." Vote up the ones you consider to be the most disturbed individuals and see which one rises to the top.

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    The Batman Who Laughs

    Photo: DC Comics

    The Batman Who Laughs is the Bruce Wayne/Batman of Earth-22 of the Dark Multiverse, and he's the leader of the Dark Knights. He was also the lieutenant of Barbatos (AKA the "Bat-God") as well as Perpetua (the mother of the Over-Monitor, Anti-Monitor, and World Forger). He began his vigilante career as a pretty normal Batman in his universe, but then the Joker made him witness the brutal slayings of pretty much everyone around him - from friends to foes and even innocent bystanders.

    After this psychological onslaught, Batman took the Joker's life. In the process, he was infected by the Joker's toxin and began to go bad. Batman went on to wipe out not only the Bat-Family, but also the Justice League. He was eventually slain, but his minions placed his mind into the Final Bruce Wayne.

    Long story short, the Final Bruce Wayne is basically Bruce Wayne with the powers of Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. Unfortunately, not long after he gained his powers, he was lobotomized by the Batman Who Laughs - and then put in storage for a future contingency plan. That plan was kicked into gear when the Batman Who Laughs met his demise, and after his brain was inserted into the Final Bruce Wayne's body, he became "Bat-Manhattan."

    With his newfound power, the villain searched the multiverse to find the evilest Batmen. He assimilated all of their memories and experiences to ultimately become the "Darkest Knight." Through this, he learned that Batman has always been a reactionary force - requiring great loss to become something more. This revelation made it clear that he didn't need to do that anymore, so he opted to become a proactive force of evil.

    There's a lot to unpack in his backstory, but what's really important are his various superpowers. He is nigh-omnipotent after acquiring Doctor Manhattan's powers, so he has godlike abilities to create and destroy. He is also nigh-omniscient, which gives him powerful precognitive abilities. Add to that his genius intellect, all of his tools, weapons, and equipment, and he's one OP version of Batman.

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    Photo: DC Comics

    If you've ever wondered what would happen if Batman single-handedly defeated Darkseid, wonder no longer. In his universe, this version of Bruce Wayne did exactly that, and after trouncing Darkseid, he acquired the powers (and skin coloring) of the evil god. He mastered the Anti-Life Equation and transformed the Parademons of Apokolips into "Pararobins."

    After handing over the secrets of the Anti-Life Equation to Superman, the Darkfather actually retired in his universe, but he opted to join up with the Batman Who Laughs to attack Earth-0. This resulted in the destruction of the moon and the defeat of that world's Superman.

    Darkfather is essentially Darkseid with Bruce Wayne's intellect, and he's nigh unstoppable. He has the physiology of a New God and all of the Apokoliptian technology at his disposal.

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    The Merciless

    Photo: DC Comics

    Bruce Wayne of Earth-12 was once a typical Batman, but when Ares, the god of war, came to Earth, things went a little differently than they did in other universes.

    This Ares possessed a helmet that amplified his powers 100-fold, making the god even stronger than his mainstream incarnation. To stop him, Batman allied with Wonder Woman, and the two fought beside each other for years to end his terrible reign. By the end of the heroes' battle with Ares, Batman was able to get ahold of the evil god's helmet.

    Though Wonder Woman warned him of its dangers, he opted to put it on to defeat Ares for good. However, its corrupting power turned the Dark Knight into the new god of war.

    As the Merciless, Bruce is no longer the man he was. He's invulnerable, has divine power, and can conjure weapons out of thin air. He's exactly what Ares was, only he's far more intelligent, without mercy, and unstoppable.

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    The Robin King

    Photo: DC Comics

    The Bruce Wayne of this Dark Universe Earth was always hostile, even as a young child. When his parents were slain, it wasn't by a mugger - it was at the hands of their son! Of course, there was a mugger involved, but Bruce stabbed him and then took out his parents with the man's pistol when he was only 10 years old. From there, Bruce eliminated Jim Gordon and Alfred, and dubbed himself the "Robin King."

    He's younger than Bruce from the main universe, but he has all the same skills, including a genius intellect and tactical prowess, which made it possible for him to wipe out every single hero in his world. 

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