The Best Fighting Games of All Time

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Your favorite fighting game to play, either single player or competitively.

Nothing gets competition brewing between friends like the best fighting games of all time. Games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat II are guaranteed to spike peoples' salt levels after a few matches. But with so many fighting games released over the past few decades, which one is the best? See what other gamers think are the best fighting games of all time. 

This list of fighting games covers all consoles and systems, and includes cover art when available. These highly rated fighting games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest fighting games are at the top of the list. But what constitutes the best? It's hard to say - some people play fighting games for the storylines while others play them for the competitive aspect. Ultimately, it varies from person to person.

So get to voting for your favorite fighting game of all time or add it if you don't see it below, but beware, the competition is down right fierce.

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