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The Most Brutal Bosses From The 'Final Fantasy VII Remake'

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Potential spoilers below.

How far have you gotten in the Final Fantasy VII remake? Whether you have just begun or are already pretty far along, chances are good you've run into some bosses that have given you a run for your money at least a couple of times. Some Final Fantasy 7 Remake bosses are definitely easier than others, but if you need a little guidance to help you move further in the game, then this is the guide for you. 

Right from the start, you have to go up against the Scorpion Sentinel. It may be the first boss, but it's by no means a pushover. Just like in the original, you have to employ the right sets of strategies to win, which means you can't simply hack and slash your way through like you could with all the guards at the beginning of the mission. It's a pivotal moment when you realize exactly what kind of battles you can expect further in the game, and many of them only get tougher. Which FFVII Remake boss was your favorite to do battle with? And which ones had you cursing at Shinra over and over?

Vote up all the hardest FF7 Remake bosses so other gamers can see what to expect next. And fear not: we've included some tips and guides for each boss, as well as their weaknesses and immunities so you can go into each battle prepared, plus what kind of loot you can swipe from specific bosses.

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    Hell House

    Photo: Square Enix

    Don't be fooled by how stupid it looks: this is one powerful monster. As Don Corneo's secret weapon, it has a few tricks hidden inside its haunted doors. Watch out for those powerful projectiles and make sure to switch to magic attacks when those physical barriers are up.

    Chapter: 9

    Weakness: Magic

    Immune to: Silence, Slow, Proportional Damage

    Items Dropped: Fuzzy Wuzzy (powerful explosive)

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    The Arsenal

    Photo: Square Enix

    The Arsenal deals massive physical damage right out of the gate. Instead of facing it head-on, take cover and wait for an opening to attack.

    Chapter: 17

    Weakness: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind

    Immune to: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage

    Items Dropped: None

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    Photo: Square Enix

    Like in the original, there are multiple phases of this battle, with each phase featuring a different style and a whole new set of attacks. While Sephiroth is resistant to basically all elemental spells, he's even more resistant to fire, so keep that mind. Be sure to cast Regain and take advantage of Cloud's Focus Thrust to keep him staggered. 

    Chapter: 18

    Weakness: N/A

    Immune to: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Proportional Damage

    Items Dropped: None

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    Darkstar & Rufus

    Photo: Square Enix

    As if Rufus wasn't already a challenge, his dog, Darkstar, makes this battle even harder. Slow and Silence work well here. Try to focus on Darkstar first as Rufus will automatically counter all your physical attacks. As soon as Darkstar's out of the picture, you can focus on pressuring Rufus. Just watch out for his lethal Guns Akimbo attack.

    Chapter: 17

    Weakness: N/A

    Immune to: Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage (Darkstar) / Silence, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage (Rufus)

    Items Dropped: None

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