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The Best First Person Shooter Games of All Time

This is a list of the best first-person shooter games of all time for any console or system, ranked by gamers like you. These top-rated FPS games are ordered by crowd popularity, so only the greatest fps games are at the top of the list. Spanning the entire history of the genre, these first-person shooter games are considered the best of the best. Both classic and new FPS games are included here, so you're voting on everything from Goldeneye 007 to Call of Duty Black Ops. Games like Doom paved the way for the current gen of first person shooters like Battlefield 3, so don't forget to vote for the pioneers of this genre as well.

This list has a variety of games, like BioShock and GoldenEye 007, in it.This list answers the questions, "What are the best first-person shooter games?" and "What is the greatest first-person shooter game of all time?"
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