All Full Metal Panic! Characters, Best to Worst

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List of all Full Metal Panic! characters, including main characters, heroes, villains, and more, ranked from best to worst by anime fans like you. Choose you favorite character from the action-mecha series Full Metal Panic! The anime stars deadly commando Sousuke Sagara and cheerful high school student Kaname Chidori. If you haven't seen the series, than you probably will have a lot of questions when you start watching. What are the mysteries of Sousuke's tortured past? What do the supernatural abilities of Kaname and Sousuke's boss, Tessa Testarossa, mean for the world? Pick your favorite characters from this popular series. Is big sister type Melissa Mao or Sousuke's other squadmate, the cool Kurz Weber, your top favorite? Perhaps you want to vote for the relentless psychopath Gauron. Vote up your favorites, regardless of what others think!
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